It's so hard just to believe

That we're here at the end of the road

Tell me, can you still remember

Those days back in October?

I'm sorry it's led up to this point in time

If I could I'd take it all back

Untwine your heart from mine

And soothe the pain inside

If only you'd listen I'd tell you the truth

'Cause I owe you this and so much more

Truth be known, I never loved anyone before

Until I met you, love was just a name

I don't want to leave you

With these false impressions

I left you because I need you

I can't drag you down with me

Any farther

You're the guiding hand in my darkness

I need you to lead me from here

I can't take you down with me

I need you as you are

So forgive me, love, for the pain

I'd give it all up to take it away

I'll love from this distance

Where I know you're safe

Safe with your tears

And safe from my fears