Worth Waiting For

by, Cassandra

Things are always different when you look into the mirror.
You really can't understand how they see the things they see.
They say you are beautiful, maybe even beyond compare,
but the person looking back at you certaintly doesn't agree.
Maybe it's this inner beauty that they all talk about.
But if that's so true, why can't you see it, too?
It's hard to see yourself from their point of view,
but maybe if you could, then you'd see the truth.
Beauty comes from different things, both the inside and the out.
It's the beauty others care about that you have to worry about.
If someone can look at you and cut you down without a thought,
then it's only the outter beauty that they care about.
But if someone can look at you at your worst, you're feeling low,
and tell you that you look beautiful, maybe it's the inner beauty that they care about.
Inner beauty, outter beauty, really doesn't matter to me,
cause we're all beautiful no matter what society says.
Even it the person in the mirror doesn't agree, just rememeber there's someone out there
who will love you for you, inner and outter beauty alike.
It may be hard, but I think that's worth waiting for.