City of Angels

Sam sighed, sitting down on the edge of the field where they habitually sat with slight hesitation. Miles sat opposite of him, the strangely tall teenager looking at him with his head tilted slightly to the side. Sam reached into his bag, clicking two different switches, one activating a small camera hidden in new blue contacts, and a microphone hidden in one of his buttons, streaming both to a small hard drive in his pocket. "You're weird…" Miles analysed, causing Sam to sigh again. "I do this to try and make sense of things…" He muttered, climbing to his feet, leaving his green duffel bag lying on the grass. He had always dealt with things himself, he guessed, and never felt the need to share his pain with anyone, preferring to keep his wounds private. Cameron had started talking again, and Sam felt his stress rising again. "Cameron, shut the fuck up." He commanded, watching Leigh and Oliver carefully. It was a Monday, and he was eager to see how the rumours of them going out were affecting their friendship. Some would have called his curiosity sick, twisted even, but he knew that is was simply his mind working differently to theirs. He reflected on himself quietly for a few minutes, denying the anger that mounted within him whenever he thought this. It started when he was young, his own insistence on being different, and his father, and how he dealt with his problems. It moved on to school, where he was judged purely by the other members of his family, the subtle anger within him mounting further.
He remembered how different he was, and his pleads that his teacher, Mr. Kovaleski, had listened to so peacefully, agreeing to let him continue a year ahead, only to feel the betrayal at the beginning of next year. Then standard four, the year he would never forget. In that year, he started smoking, drinking; doing drugs, and went into a depression. That weakness hurt him more than anything, how badly he had coped with his own problems, and he couldn't forgive himself for it. Doomed to be an outsider, he went to Aquinas, considering it a safe haven of sorts, only to come across an old enemy, a certain shit brick named Alex King. Leigh turned towards him, stifling a laugh at the glazed over look in his eyes, and Oliver waved a hand patiently, waiting for him to return to normality. Well, as close to normality as he could ever manage. "Dude, are you okay?" Oliver asked, as the people walking towards them came into clearer view. "Fine… Just doing something Rion taught me…" Sam murmured, letting his voice trail off as his eyes focused again, noticing Liam and Andrew Devoy's gang of assholes approaching.
Rion was a psychic mercenary, a group of men who never existed, killing who they were asked in exchange for any confidential information they required from the government. The things Rion had taught Sam went beyond mentioning, and he thanked Adrian's keg party for that particular encounter. Sam chuckled darkly, remembering Rion diving under the couch when the car backfired, but he had stayed barely in contact with the man. Rion was why he was on such an edge today. "Wellington! What the fuck is it doing in Wellington!?" One figure asked another through a haze of fog, a green bag separating them. "Oh, of course, your idea was better. We both know you should trust me, I have proved it to you before." Another voice, quiet with a sound of absolute seriousness belonged to a second man. "Yes… Sorry, Rion, you were great in helping with that… problem." The conversation ended.
Sam touched his forehead, and then pointed at the incoming people, catching everyone's attention instantly. "Hey, it's an orgy!" Liam shouted, causing the six around to laugh. Oliver stepped forward, looking down at Liam, both bulkier and taller than him. Andrew stepped as well, only to find Sam looking at him severely, intention obvious. Leigh looked slightly pensive, and Miles sidled closer to her, no physical aspects showing that they were brother and sister. Oliver glared at Liam, and Liam laughed at his face. "What, ashamed we know you fucked her?" He taunted, as Andrew made the mistake of looking away for a second. The sound of two cracks, almost in synchronisation, rang out over the school grounds, as Sam took advantage of the lack of concentration. Sam's fist hit the side of Andrew's face just as Oliver punched Liam in the nose, laying them both flat on the ground easily. "Which one of you is fucking next?" Sam asked, resorting to vulgar language despite his pseudo-gentleman routine he normally tried to use as a façade. The others backed off, and the two on the grass ground quietly. Oliver kicked Liam in the chest hard, and stood over him. "Get the fuck out of here, now." He demanded, waiting for them to get to their feet and hobble away.
Sam kept his manner cool as he walked back over to the fence in the corner of the grounds, leaning against the untreated wood with a sigh. The bell rang in the distance, his heart rate quickening noticeably, and he took a few tentative steps forward towards the school. "Time for you to have maths." Oliver laughed at him, as Sam reinforced his grip on his green bag, walking fixedly towards Room 16, ignoring the world until he sat by the window in math, and Joel sat next to him.
Alex King sat on the other side of the room, and as Sam expected, Ms. Rhymer had yet to appear. "Have you sorted the distraction? And do you remember who not to…?" He asked, hefting the green back and about to walk out the door. "Yes and yes. Are you sure you want to do this?" The other man asked, holding a set of keys loosely. "Very." He said, biting his bottom lip. "Hey Fat Shit!" The catcall came from across the room, and Sam tightened his grip on a pen sharply, cracking the plastic. He walked along the road quietly, half-way between happiness and depression. He wouldn't be on the half-way line any more. This was going to be a decision. He was going to prove it to himself.
"Alex, shut up, you fucking cock-less shit-brick." Sam retorted, trying not show the stress that was bringing him to breaking point. "Or what?" Alex asked, allowing himself to place him in the position that Sam wished him to be in. "Or I'll knock you." Sam stated simply, getting to his feet and looking at Alex, only inches away from him. "Prove you have nuts after all. Step up." Sam demanded, as his hands balled into fists at his side. "No-one has ever done anything like this before." A man stated, looking at another out of the window of a shining Honda Prelude. "I know. Rion. Whatever happens to me, get them out safely, and give them the letter. Spread what I told you." He said, his voice clear as the rumble of a bus approached. "Ok." Rion answered simply, holding out a clenched fist. Sam reached forwards, touching his own fist to it, before placing it over his heart. "Take what you can." He said, and Rion mimicked him. "Give nothing back." The car sped off, and the bus doors opened in front of him. Sam twisted his head to the side as Alex's knuckles grazed the side of his face, and kicked out violently, sending Alex tripping over a desk. The class watched in awe, as Alex got back to his feet, angry. He threw a straight right, and Sam caught it neatly, pressing it to the side and punching him back in the lower ribcage, rewarded with a crack, He twisted the arm around, pressing it against Alex's back, pressing up until he heard another crack, before kicking him to the floor and pressing himself up against a wall.
Sam sat on the bus, his hand clenching on something in his bag. Several other things slipped around inside, hidden inside a metal briefcase. The CD player in his back skipped a track quietly, ironically playing a song named Liberate. He ignored the rest of the passengers, grimacing slightly. Sam heard a foghorn in the distance, Rion had arrived as promised. He reached deep into his bag, drawing out two Nine millimetres, shining with silencers on the ends. The class screamed, and he pointed them both at Alex. Alex looked back up at him, laughing. "You don't have the balls." He whispered, and Sam sighed. A cough emerged from one of the guns, and his girlfriend fell over, a small red hole in her forehead. Slowly blood began to pool around her, and Alex's eyes widened as one of the barrels was pointed under his chin. "Alex, my rival. You're fucked." He said, smiling slightly as he pulled the trigger, Alex lay still as a small cloud of blood emerged from him.
Sam got back to his feet, and pointed both at Ben, pulling the triggers simultaneously and sending him into the window, before turning them towards Joel. "Shelly, Get out of here before I kill you by accident. That also goes for you, Lisa." He murmured, pulling the left trigger three times straight into Joel's heart. "One for each time you betrayed me, bitch…" Bernhard and Sasha made a break for the door, and they fell against it with a bullet in each of their backs. The science class across the hall suddenly noticed what was happening, and the screams redoubled. Sam quietly dispatched most of the class, turning towards Luke and pulling both triggers with a smirk. Two loud clicks greeted him, and he shrugged, reaching into his bag. "It's your lucky day Luke. Run." Sam ejected both clips, reloading quickly and slinging the bag over his neck, walking outside even as a single voice cried out from English, followed by a sharp crack of wood. "FUCK YOU!"
Sam halted in the centre courtyard, waiting for the rush of panicked students with his bag in front of him, wondering when the police would get here. It was first period, and Sam stood in the bathroom, sighing to himself as he held up the colt revolver. He spun the barrel, the one full chamber stopping next to the hammer. He doesn't touch the two nines in his bag or any of the other ammunition as he stares into the mirror, placing the barrel against the side of his head. His finger tightens slightly on the trigger, not enough to release the bullet. They began to sprint out, and three sudden bursts came from behind him, three heads exploding beneath a fifty calibre shot. Oliver saw Sam, and ran to his side, with Leigh following him closely. "Give me a gun." Oliver stated, causing him to turn and level the pistols at him. "Get in the car. Rion will give you whatever you two need. Run." He commanded simply, Rion gunning down more students as Sam turned around, guns kicking neatly against his palms as more students fell, blood pooling from their lifeless bodies. Oliver and Leigh arrived at Rion, his shaved head and sniper rifle making his position obvious. He signalled them towards the car, giving them a large letter to read as he shouldered the rifle again, taking two more shots before stepping into the car himself.
The car spun around, heading through the courtyard and out into the centre of the field as police sirens began to be heard and the distance, Sam reloaded his weapons. The students all ran away from him now and ten police cars streamed into the Aquinas grounds, pulling all on his left side, officers leaping out and unholstering pistols. Sam leapt behind the administration block, breaking into a sidelong sprint as he began to squeeze off rounds at the men, bullets piercing metal, flesh and rubber indiscriminately. Rion gunned the engine, the tachometer roaring quickly up to 7000 revs, signalling, as a favourite saying of Sam's, that "V-TEC JUST KICKED IN YO!" The engine shifted up a pitch, and shot out into the courtyard, displaying Sam turning and facing a group of policeman, throwing down his weapons and drawing a revolver from his pocket, raising it to his temple as the police began to open fire on him. A tear rolled from the corner of his eye as he twirled the barrel around his forehead, judgement obvious on his face as he pressed the barrel deep into his temple, the finger on the trigger slick with sweat. Rion closed his eyes as they went past the admin block, a shot ringing out amongst the others, Sam's lifeless body falling to the ground as Rion drove out of the school. Oliver's eyes read back to the letter. I'll never see you guys again… You'll never know how much – The letter ended abruptly, with a small stain of blood in the corner, as with on the envelope, and Oliver wondered how he would have finished it if he had the chance.
Sam sighed, his finger pulling back on the trigger sharply, staring at himself in the mirror. The hammer stuck into the bullet, igniting the gunpowder and sending the bullet down the barrel. It hit his temple, and he remembered nothing as what remained of his body fell to the ground, the bathroom wall coated in his blood. Rion handed him the pistol, sighing. "I mean it. Never forget what I told you. And thank you." He murmured, placing the barrel of the revolver to the side of his head, sitting in a small chair at the dining room table, three letters in front him. "I think it's time…" He whispered, ignoring Rion's expression which was mildly of shock. He pulled the trigger, feeling the recoil for a split second before embracing sweet silence, his blood slowly tracking around the table, lightly staining two of the letters, entitled, "Mother" and "Oliver…"

This story was written originally because I wanted to shoot down my entire school. It turned slightly emo when I put my memories into it, and so I decided to change the plot with it. I'm happy how it turned out, anyway. Written 14/6/2005. Posted 30/6/06

The end.