When You're Gone

The days seem long,
Yet still pass me by,
The night seems short,
As I sit there and cry,
I tell myself over and over,
That I'll be okay,
That I'll make it through,
And go to another day.
The last few moments,
I shared with you,
The hard tears I faced,
I still went through,
The lonely days were hard,
Just like the pain,
But I faced them for you,
While looking through rain.
As time moves on,
And days go by,
I repeat to myself,
'Try not to cry'
Before you had to leave,
There was nothing to say,
But asked me over again,
If I would be okay,
But I had no other choice,
So I would put on a smile,
Reply to you a yes,
And hold you for a while.
Held in your tight embrace,
I closed my eyes,
Thinking thoughts of you,
Then saying short good-byes,
I'm still holding on,
Trying to make it through,
Telling myself not to cry,
But to sit and wait for you.