By Fujimi

tumbling . . . tumbling.
i watched it go down.
red was all i could see.
it spread.
it tumbled down and all i could do was watch . . .
All I could do was watch.

so much red . . .
i don't want to see it anymore.
green . . . a new color, a new liquid.
no more red.
let me escape with you.
hold me in your cold clutches.
it's better than nothing.
All I could do was watch.

i will run.
and it will no longer haunt me.
red. red, red, red, red.
i hate red.
leave me alone.
i run to the green.
it won't help.
i don't believe you.
it erases everything
When all I could fucking do was watch.

start over.
in a new place.
no more red.
no more pink.
no more shades of black.
no more red merging with the black pavement.
no more dreams of a cold face.
it calls back to me.
but i will ignore it,
go far away from here.
i can't let it catch me.

the smooth liquid will guide the way.
it doesn't tell me—
like you did . . .

i am nothing
Because all I did was watch.

29 May 2006