Heartache On The Horizon?

Conversation drifted from their parted lips,
Words never uttered before, hanging over their heads,
Like a cloud of worry, about to rain on them,
But it hasn't, the words left unspoken.

He would embrace her, catch her hand,
Only for a second or two, but he knew,
It was worth it, if only for that brief touch,
His heart would never skip like it did.

She would flirt, but hold herself back,
Afraid of the talk, but even more so the feelings,
His hand would brush off hers, she just hoped,
It would last a bit longer, theconnection too.

They'd be together, grouped with friends,
But wishing there time was spent alone,
Side by side, unconsciously touching each other,
If only it wasn't just friendly banter.

To the untrained eye, friends! Nothing more,
But once you see past the laughs and the tears,
Love mingled with doubt, heartache on the horizon?
The cloud of words getting bigger, worry setting in.

Words left unspoken, showers upon them,
Truth, no matter how harsh to the ears, revealed.
For these two friends a journey has begun,
Only time will tell if it ends together.

Dedicated to my two friends, E.A. & C.E!
May your journey end together!!!
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