By Carter Tachikawa
(I wrote this when I was in eighth grade and thought about putting it up now that I'm in college. Don't we all love algebra?)

So many x's, so many z's
So many n's, y's, w's, and b's.
All these equations are running through my head.
But nothing's going in. My mind feels dead.

I don't care for quadratics or inequalities
On my tests, I do awful. I make thirty-threes.
When am I going to use all this in my life?
I'm not a scientist. All I want to do is write.

Writing requires a lot of imagination.
No math functions are needed for story creation
But I'm stuck here for now learning that x equals z
I'll never get used to algebra. It's just not for me

I passed math so don't worry about that. I was thirteen when I wrote this so bear with me. Sorry for all of you who like math. Please r & r. Carter