She's leaving

She doesn't realize it,

But I do.

I notice things,

A skill of mine,

I can notice thins from afar.

But this time

She's not leaving because she's drifting

No not at all.

This time,

She is leaving because of him

He is pulling her away

Grabbing her body and heat.

She will in time notice

But will it be too late?

Too late to be able to return home

Too late before he eats her heart

Too late for him to change his mind?

Too late for someone to save her?

Time passes on

And waiting in the distance am I

For change

But those are false homes,

Dreams once held high.

I do no do a thing for a while,

Then I say something

That boy is messing with her thoughts

She disagrees and drifts further.

And furthest away is she

When I need her most

There's nothing I can do any more,

I give up

She won't listen

He has eaten her heart

And I know he's not caring enough

To ever return it.
so I sit back

As she leaves

And I lose

My best friend.