Bleeding Oath

Sitting cross-legged on the summit of the grassy hill

My focus on nothing but the needle in my fingers

And the design I carefully engrave

Into the flesh of my left wrist

The Eternal circle to make immortal

Inside, the five pointed star where power is drawn

In between the space of the circle and star, a different symbol

Northeast, the cross; a mark that has become only hope

Northwest, the hammer; strength of body and heart

Southeast, the flower; peace that grows steadily

Southwest, the shield; to defend others and myself

At the center, bringing them all together

The heart; love of all

The work is done, the shape is finished

I offer out my wrist in front of me

The blood that was once mine drips away

Descending to be claimed by the earth beneath

And I swear I will be

The one to make my life what I want it to be

By living by those signs that I just made