from earth mother

an egg has been born

from earth mother

you have been born

from the sky a tear has fallen

to wake your mind up

since that dismal time

was all muddy and messy

rain grew to intone an incomplete song

somebody ate an apple (who?)

our destiny is written by the hands of love

I meet you or you meet me?

the love tying to us is written by the beats of heart

I protect you or you protect me?

closed door, forbidden eden

hilarious idea

impressive will

lottery to buy

displaced hope

from your rib

a dream has been born

from your rib

he made you beautiful

from the sky a plume has fallen

to give your wings to fly

once upon a time

there was a lonely boy

wanting to find a lonely angel

somebody lied to my heart (who?)

conspiration, secrets to hide

heart ache

innocent touch

liberty is sacrife

dancing on death edge