You can't understand that the tables have flipped
Here it is, plain and simple
read it once, read it twenty times…
I'm mad
at you.
You don't see what you do
every time,
the temporary blindness sets in
and you want communication—
yet, who always disconnects
when we've finally got it?
I don't really like accusing hypocrites
who don't understand
that whatever you've needed from me,,
you've had—trust, secrets, friendship, honesty
but whatever I need from you
you've secretly never lent me.
Thanks for being such a realistic, reliable pal.
I definitely trust you now.
I gave you the key and you swallowed it whole
only to gag it up again and use it.
You gave me your key and
after believing it for months,
I learned it was made of Styrofoam.