In the tales of Mermaids,

They are called Sirens.

Voices that enchanted sailors,

Brought them to demise.

But I am no Mermaid,

I have no enchanting voice,

I have no body worth gold,

I have no luring eyes-

Just ones that constantly dream.

I possess no hair that gleams and shines-

And is like silk to the touch.

Maybe my soul was born in curse?

Maybe I'm a devil child?

Or maybe the Other World is playing

Cruel tricks on me.

If I am cursed-

Please tell me what path I must take-

To rid myself of it.

I have no reason for my actions,

I cannot control myself sometimes.

Though I love deeply,

I cause pain within the path.

Maybe I'm just too nice.

Maybe my dreams are too much in my reality.

Shall I stop dreaming then?

Shall I stop caring then?

I long for the excuse of-

'The Devil made me do it.'

Maybe then I could find conciliation.

I can't make any more excuses,

I can find no true reason.

All I have, is myself.

So I stand here,

I tears in my eyes,

My head held high.

Standing on the pier.

Searching my mind for plausible meaning,

To all I have done.

Your accusing eyes searching mine.

And despite it all,

You find a shining love for you,

And a despair for myself.

I buried myself too deep to remedy it.

But I can proudly say,

That I love you and only you,

Though I have the worst ways of showing it.

Damn the odds that have tried,

Curse those that would bane me, us.

If I must be condemned,

Let it not be in this life.

I wish to use this life to love you,

And mend all I have broken.

Judge me and my sins,

But please don't condemn me.

A Siren, I do not wish to be.