Lord give me liberty, King give me lies

It only makes sense when somebody dies

When armies led by the sun's own daughter

Ride fast to victory and to slaughter

Then you know they way of the earth

It goes ashes to ashes and birth to rebirth

Call it renewal, call it revolution

Call it the next step on the path of evolution

Ruin the castles of the old kingdom

Lead us through to true freedom

Adorn thy elders with a sword through the chest

And tell the masses that this is what's best

Tell them that better times have risen today

Tell them it's new and it's better this way

Tell them to be quiet for the storm overhead

They don't need to know that betrayal means death

And as the new world comes into the light

The old kings know what happenedovernight

When the leaders were killed and children took power

Running the people from their darkest hour

It's happened before and it's happened again

But if only they knew, that way back when,

There lay the ashes, there lay the daughter

There lay the blood fields covered in slaughter

Call it revolution but the circle is complete

Their triumph is the old world built anew before their feet