The sun speaks of dawn on Fantasy Fells.

Two sea-faring lassies emerge from sleep spells.

And though they awaken they still live in dreams,

So the whole world around them is ne'er what it seems.


The ship in the harbor glistens with day.

The mast tall and mighty does silently sway.

Any storm that's thrown to her she readily braves,

And though roped to the dock, takes command of the waves.


It's hardly and hour 'fore the girls reach the cove.

Myth says dangerous pirates stow a great treasure trove.

Beneath the palm trees and a full moon of white,

The girls and the pirates dance all through the night.


Bid farewell to sea captains, legend and brave.

There's a song on their hearts and a kingdom to save.

Gold in their pockets and gold in the sun.

Much to their journey has only begun.


Guided by seagulls and the sun in the sky,

The girls reach an island that none can defy.

They gape at the mountains, before, unaware,

Three thundering dragons careen through the air.


Once on the shore the dragons alight.

The girls proffer their gold and watch with delight.

The beasts' wings alone dwarf the might of the boat,

But their hearts are of kindness on the island remote.


Time passes slowly as the moon rises higher.

The girls and the dragons converse by the fire.

But sooner or later all good things must end.

The girls climb on their backs as the dragons ascend.


The sun speaks of dusk on Fantasy Fells.

Two dragon-winged lassies succumb to sleep spells.

And though they both slumber they continue the dreams,

So the whole world around them is ne'er what it seems.