The only thing I was ever taught

Throughout my entire life

Was to be afraid, of everything

Because all of it would hurt you

If you let it get close enough

To your heart, and mine now sends

A message to your own

A message, full of fear and desire

Uncertainty mixed with hope

A plea from one shattered soul

To another, asking for a chance

Because you tore down my walls

In a sudden rush of emotions

Long buried beneath a shaky barrier

You destroyed it, leaving only rubble

Left to clutter my black hole

Of a heart, and then you came

Drawing ever nearer

To the center of my soul

A stranger emerging from the darkness

To pull me back into the light

With you, always with you

A simple hug feels to me

As if for a brief moment

Our hearts are connecting

Joining as one, and it kills me

When you pull away from our embrace

Yet all of this, it scares me

You're so trustworthy and safe

But so was he, because, you see

My dear, I've been here before

In a very similar situation

To the one we now find ourselves in

Two young souls, coming together

Two young hearts, falling for each other

But, my darling, will you leave me

Just as the one before you did

Or will you comfort me

Now, always, and forever

Because I want so much

To give my heart to you

The broken pieces wrapped up

Nicely, in golden paper

For you, and only you

For the rest of my life, and yours

If only you'd take it

And treasure it, in a way

That it has never been before

So please, if I trust you

Don't break me, not again

I lived through his betrayal

But just barely, my dear

So please, if I love you

Don't kill me with lies

Just hold me close

And let me be comforted

For once in my life

Just let me feel safe