Hidden beneath a Kansas sky

Gray and heavy

It was a place to hide

To feel no pain of the complex world

Her heart would beat

Feel the rush of something more

But the echoes were only heeded

By the rustling of dreams

So she ran away

She ran down deep

To somewhere lost


The cocoon unraveled

But how to spread her wings

She hadn't had time to learn

What she found

Was that it wasn't the grey sky she feared

It was the quite

The static of nothing against her neck

Looking up at the moon

She felt its glow

And took it inside

By the grip of sunlight

A smile was formed

A smile became a touch

A touch became a hug

And with embrace

She felt whole

She became Me

Although I still don't know who that is yet

Her pain was unraveled

For a time she forgot

Only the hurt of the past

Kept her from moving ahead

How long can the broken last

When the cracks are left untended

I've grown since then

It's been a full year

And you've helped me

To understand pain

So now I'm with you

As I grind my teeth

And turn away

In half-belief

A heart belonging to me

Arms that won't close

Surrendering their own pain

All for mine

I am loved

And I turn red

The color comes back

So the world isn't quite as grey

No black or white

A place alive

Beating sturdy

A pulse that's not my own

Is running through my veins

I beg for it all

I turn away in fear

But I'm yours

And maybe I'm my own

But however I am

You are my home