Incarcerate My Mentality

A/N: This poem is a narrative on a man who wakes up in a psychiatric ward. He has no recollection of why he is there. But the effects of his surroundings prove to be detrimental to his mind … Please read and review.

Trace the tangible truth

Trace the bed frame cold

Within this secluded booth

I am growing old

Watch the relapse heartbeat

Against the black and green

I am incomplete

In this movie scene

Across a man is psychotic

Another is taxing death

I am growing narcotic

Clutching at my own breath

Did I wake from a trance?

Am I in a subterranean sleep?

Could there be a half chance

The incarceration is my reap

Trace the concrete wall

Trace the infinitesimal glass

Listen to the possessed call

The beating rain against grass

Watch the lights slowly flicker

See the lives slowly expire

As my eyelids grow thicker

As they gouge the perpetual fire

A needle stabbing my flesh

Veins absorbing the bane

The images progressively mesh

And focus once again

Hear the pulsating sound

As I acrimoniously sigh

And then I hit the ground

A second later … I die