Keeper of Secrets

What secrets lay beyond the grove

That sets the wheel that she so stroves

The many nights is this that seem

To hold with the mem'ries streams

And though doth she seem bound by love

'Twill not go beyond the sleeping dove

And here she goes, a sacrifice

Here she is, she will suffice

The promise is to set two free

The males, the females, which will it be?

And tricked again to speak no more

While she becomes the hunter's whore

The two before that she set free

She'll have to wait for them and see

The sleeping dove, he moves by night

No more is she the men's delight

Soundless now is what she is

No more can this pure one be his

The secrets are for her to keep

The scars the burns are still too deep

The story of her strong will told

The message is what you behold

She listens now to what you say

Come visit her if you may