America The Beautiful

and its Spacious Skies

Make me wonder

in these days of

closed lives

Who are we

to close the borders?

Who are you, Mr Bush?

To turn away the principles

that this country was founded on?

Is it really America The Beautiful?

Or is it America: For the rich and powerful.

These are things we must ask ourselves

when we identify ourselves as Americans

We say we feel great to be Americans

to be Free.

But why then

do we spend all our time turning people away.

We won't deify you, Mr Bush

but we WIll demonize you

or rather

You demonize yourself

Tony Blair, You're no better

turning Britain,

a once proud nation

into Little America.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

America the Beautiful Indeed

The Statue of Liberty says

"Give me your poor...

your tired

your huddled masses."

All the while,

the country founded by immigrants

is putting up walls

Go to hell Mr Bush.

Oh wait...

We're already here.

Long shall it be the years

When we spend billions on foriegn oil

to line businesses pockets

I don't think the people dieing of hugner

appreciate you deciding to pay farmers

not to grow crops.

And then you spend all your time looking good

by spending money on foreign countries

when people in your own die in droves.

When will the Americans get it?

It is not glorious to be American

It is not glorious to sit back

and watch others die

acting through


It is your kind

Mr Bush

That have demonized our country

and your kind

that turned the Middle East against us

and your kind as well

that keep us dependent on them

long enough to start another war with them

When will you be satisfied Mr Bush?

When we're all dead?

When you no longer have a country to rule?

No Mr Bush

We will not deify you

but we WILL demonize you

but this is not a threat.

I dare not threatnen a Presidents Life

because it is not my place.

I do say this.

Your conscience will do worse to you

then any other.

These words of wisdom are not meant as a threat

nor should they be taken as such

but remember

America The Beautiful

And what you've done to our poor country.