This iced-over pond,

What dwells beneath?

But a fish

A lovely pink fish

That is soon drowning

My feelings are the fish

The icy cold water

That it no longer lives in

I dunno what to do

You give me the cold shoulder

To Hell with you

You can drown in my icy pools,



His spotted brown camouflage

Blends in with the birds and the trees

Like a tiger in the jungle

He dances with utmost ease

When he's watching me,

I feel I could melt

This summer boi,

With his freckly pelt

When he scoops me up in his arms

And smiles,

I hear a heavy log drop

To the ground in a summery

Forest splendor

Smelling fresh all around

In the pool, as he swims,

Lovely cool water gliding

Along him like a fish

And I take a breath full of liquid

In his summery, freckled kiss

The summer shade

Falls in pattern on my eyes

Of his beautiful freckled face

A/N Just so you know, those two poems are foils of each other. It's basically comparing my Ex-boyfriend to my dream boyfriend. Yeah. -