Tears of blood

Immortals can cry. We just choose not to.

Vampire can cry. We cry tears of blood.

We have hearts, which can also break. Our hearts are more fragile than humans even, for we live so long and loose so many people we love. So, we guard our heart fiercly, often pushing more away so we have less pain to bear as time passes on. When someone does get in, it hurts to loose them. After the first break, it becomes more fragile with each later break, weaker by ever life lost. My first was my brother.

He understood when it happened, told me it wasn't my fault. Said it was his, because he didn't watch me close enough after the party. He care for me so much. He moved to the city with me, changing our lives to revolve around the night instead of the day. He and I both got graveyard shift jobs, to pay for our dingy apartment. He had so many chances to leave me behind, to find a pretty girl and live a normal life. But he didn't. He stayed.

He took care of me at first. helped me through the fevers, the cravings, and the tears. If anything shook him, it was the red tears. We quickly figured out that if the tears stained my uniforms and clothes, it wouldn't help much. So he made it a habit for me to keep a black handkercheif at all times. I still wear it, even after 50 years. He also found people like me, who could help us with my needs. With my thirst. They told me how to make another like me. They advised me to do so under the most desperate circustances. I wouldn't dare push this curse on anyone else. Especially not my brother.

Ironically, he died of luekemia; blood cancer. I sat there, watching my brother, just shy of forty, dying of a disease I could do nothing about. It hurt so much. I was holding his hand as he left me for good. It didn't sink in for nearly an hour, until a nurse walked in and checked his pulse. Her look, directed at me, said so much. So I just got up and walked out, leaving his name and who to bill for the care. I never returned to that night ward, nor went to the funeral. My brother was gone and the shell was all that was left.

My heart was shattered, crushed by nothing, the absence of something. I cried my heart out that night, or tried to. I swore to never become attached to a human ever again. But hearts, retched, despicable, terrible things they are, never agree to swearing.

This didn't quite come out as I tried to make it come out.... hope someone likes it