Slings, Stitches, Casts and Caring

Note: Being involved in the medical field is probably the most rewarding, in my opinion. This story is based on observation. Although the names are changed, the experience remains the same.

Chapter 1—The Humble Clerk

Young Ellie had only recently graduated from College and had gotten an opportunity to work at the local pharmacy. At first she was dubious about such a position, but she decided it would be an interesting experience. As soon she started working, she met a variety of different people and there were some bad apples in the bunch. Thankfully, the bad apples were few and far between but there would be a few that would dole their anger out on poor Ellie. But, Ellie was incredibly resilient. She knew that angry people didn't mean to insult anyone but their rage blinded them. She learned this lesson quickly and had more pleasant experiences because of it.

Fairly soon, Ellie made a friend with a middle-aged woman who loved to pour her heart out to anyone who would listen. The only person that would pay any attention to her was Ellie herself. Ellie acted as a sort of counselor at this down-home pharmacy. When no one else cared, she listened to other's problems and became the customer's friend. She knew that customers were human beings, much like herself. And, like any other human being, they desired the need to be wanted or loved in some fashion or another. She was preferred over other clerks because of this gift she possessed. But the time came that she had move on from this job to another position as the lady she substituted for returned from maternity leave.

Chapter 2—Even Without the Pristine White Labcoat

Although Ellie's temporary pharmacy tech in training licence ran its full course in the year of 2005, she considered herself a pharm tech to be. Despite the fact that she could no longer get work in pharmacies (for reasons beyond her logic), people still came to her for all of the answers. She would constantly retort, "Just because I wear a white labcoat doesn't mean I know everything, let alone the nature of the Universe !" This never stopped people from asking her questions she knew she didn't have the answer to. In fact, she was certain that even the most learned mind could never answer so many indecipherable questions that only an omnipresent, omniscient entity knew the solutions to.

Albiet the labcoat is no longer part of Ellie's attire, it has remained a part of her life. In situations where everyday people would constantly ask her questions and tell her their innermost secrets. She supposed this was because she was exceptional at keeping secrets, hated gossip and was a gregarious, congenial soul that was easy to approach. She didn't look shifty or malicious, and she also possessed an otherworldly glow about her that attracted all kinds of people. Because of this talent and gift, she continues to help others and continuing to help others for so long as she breathed. That was her ultimate purpose, what made her feel completely alive and whole.

Chapter 3—Ellie's Influence and Hope for the Future

From the moment she was little, Ellie had always loved playing with stethascopes (actually knowing how they were used), she had been inspired by her own mother and other doctors she had grown to admire as she matured. She started making friends with all sorts of doctors in the medical profession and decided she wanted to do something useful like that in her lifetime. She didn't want to do any surgery or deliver children, nor did she want to be a ward in a hospital. She wanted to take part in keeping records accurate, counsil and console others. But, getting there would be a difficult road for her. Despite this, she is still working hard to become the person she ruly wants to evolve to be.


Presently, Ellie finds herself searching for work even with her strong background in the medical field. Despite her lack of experience, she continues, trying to keep herself educated and doing her best to reach her goal of becoming a better servant to the Lord in helping as many people as she can. She does so by just listening to people daily and helping the less fortunate as much as she possibly can with what little she possesses. Not for any kind of praise, let alone material gain or possible fame, but just because she loves people for who they are. She feels all human beings are united by one central truth...that they are human and they deserve love and someone they can rely upon. Someday, she knows she will be able to make a difference but for now, she is grateful to use her gift to do what she can. For she realizes the gift of agape is one that all people can understand and translates into all languages, spoken or non-verbal.

The End

May 29, 2006

(May 27, 2006) Happy 106th birthday Grandmother Ruth. We love you, we miss you, but we know we shall see you when we are called to be among you and the other Saints once more.