I Am A Punching Bag

I am a punching bag,

I do not fight back.

I take hit after hit

But still,

I do not retaliate.

Fighters dance around me,

Walloping and whacking,

Expecting a fight--

A fight that never comes.

But still they insist,

As they continue to beat,

To show their superiority

And power through the fist.

Through it all I hang


From a chain

Connected to the ceiling

As I sway

From the impact of each blow.

As I rock back and forth,

I catch the fighter off guard,

Pushing them away

As I swing closer to them.

But they are not won over

And continue beating.

This goes on for quite some time

As my exterior wearies and weakens

But I am strong still on the inside

And my fortitude cannot be beat

As one fighter finishes,

And another picks up

Where the other left off.