"Forgive Me?"

By: Sara C Thurmond

Written: October 17, 2005

A thousand tears I've cried,

That no one can see.

A thousand times I've died,

And no one hears me scream.

How much longer can I last,

With this excruciating pain?

Why can't my death be fast,

Instead of driving me insane?

I thought that you could help me,

Like no one else before.

But my bliss is gone in one, two, three;

Though my heart screams for more.

Someone else's heart I crushed,

When I gave you mine.

With my ache to be loved rushed,

Have I lost you for all time?

So silently he tells me, he loves me so,

Yet I still don't care for him.

I don't want to let you go,

Please don't make us end.

How can I ever tell you,

That I'm so sad?

What can I do,

So you won't be so mad?

Even if you don't care,

I think I truly love you.

And I'll always be there,

Even if you don't love me too.

Pathetic you might think of me,

As you read this poem.

If that, then you can't see.

That I'm scared to be alone.

Not that I'm trying to fill a place,

For someone by my side.

But if you saw my face,

Then you would see inside I've died.

So a thousand times more,

I'll die and die again.

Shaking me to my core,

Until my heart can mend.

Once more I will ask,

If you can forgive.

Then I'll take off this sad mask,

And I will be able to live.