Warning: Explicit scenes in this chapter

Chapter Six

Much to my dismay, seven pm unfortunately did arrive, and Jake arrived on time.

"Hello Ladies." He greeted smoothly.

'Give me a break.' I thought, rolling my eyes. 'The jerk thinks he's such a ladies man. Little does he know Becca... is taken.'

"Hello." Becca said pleasantly as we walked down to his car. It was a nice shiny bright red Ford Explorer.

Politely, Jake held open the door to the front seat for Becca, and she hopped in cheerfully. I noticed that he noticed her short denim skirt.

Becca had not dressed subtly. She in fact, was wearing a slightly showing black tank top, with a short denim skirt that was frayed on the bottom, fishnets and high heels. She claimed it was for amusement and to see what kinds of looks she got.

I stuck to wearing a black Evanescence t shirt, jeans, and my air walk canvas shoes that had little designs all over it. I wasn't surprised that Jake didn't reserve his politeness for me and walk around to the driver's side and hopped in. Reluctantly, I got in the back.

The whole ride to the movies, I was quiet. Becca and Jake chattered away, and I watched warily as he placed his hand on her thigh while talking. Subtly, she brushed it away.

When we got to the theaters, Jake got our tickets and handed me mind, then shoved money into my hands, "Here, go buy some popcorn and drinks." He said dismissively.

I gaped in disbelief as he tried to pull Becca away into the theater, but Becca pulled away from grasp. Smirking, Becca shook her head, "It'll be difficult for Soph to carry three drinks and a popcorn. I'm going to help her." She said cheerfully and skipped over to me before he could protest.

"Hello, darling." Becca said teasingly, hooking elbows with me.

I rolled my eyes. Arms linked, I could tell Becca was as amused as I was as people gave us dirty looks. With her eyes sparkling with a mischievous glint, Becca sudden smacked my butt, causing me to jump and yelp slightly in surprise, but then I laughed.

"You're evil." I whispered to her.

Becca smirked slyly, "No darling, you'll have to wait for that till later." she said loudly.

"Becca!" I hissed, hitting her arm gently, which just made her cackle.

I rolled my eyes as I heard a few mutters of "lesbians" and "faggots" in the lines around us.

"Homophobics." I muttered as I stepped up to the counter and we got our drinks and popcorn.

The previews were almost done when Becca and I finally entered the theater and found Jake waiting inside the door for us.

"Thanks." He said, snatching a drink from my hands, and then walked down the aisle.

"I should have put cyanide in it." I muttered, causing Becca to giggle as she pulled be down the aisle with her.

Jake was waiting midway down the aisle, and gestured for us to go on by. Becca went down the row of seats, but before i could also, he jumped in the way, getting between Becca and I. I paused at the end of the aisle in disbelief at his rudeness and also blunt attempt to get between us.

As Jake set next to Becca, and I was forced to sit next to him, she just raised a brow at me and I simply scowled, handing her the popcorn over his lap.

I was annoyed as the movie began, and struggled to pay attention. Not even fifteen minutes into the movie, I saw Jake's hand moving out of the corner of my eye, sliding on to Becca's knee. She just ignored it.

'I swear I'm going to fucking kill him.' I thought to myself, clenching my fists.

Throughout the whole movie, his hand creeped to hers and she pushed it away. He also tried to the old "stretching" trick where the guy stretched and his arm mysteriously ended up around the girl, but she brushed away his arm again, coolly.

We all road home in silence. When we arrive at the house, Jake glanced at me, forcing a smile, "Hey Soph, go ahead into the house, I need to talk to Becca a second."

"Whatever." I replied, annoyed and jumped out of the car, not even looking at Becca.

I stomped up to the front door, and leaned against the condo as I waited for Becca, watching them through the darkness.

Unsurprisingly, I could tell by the look on his face he was probably hitting on her, and she just listened with a calm expression. I watched as he tried to lean over and kiss her, and suddenly drew back sharply. Though I could hear no words, it appeared that he was cursing as Becca hopped out of the car and up to me.

I raised a brow as Jake idled by the curb.

"What did you do to h-" Becca cut me off by kissing me deeply. She kissed me for what seemed a long while and I kissed back, and we didn't pull apart for a few seconds until we heard Jake speed off.

She snickered as she pulled away from me, and shook her head.

"What happened?" I asked, as we walked into her aunt's house.

"He tried to hit on me, and tried to kiss me, so I punched him in the gut." She replied calmly and tugged me up the stairs into our 'room'.

I shook my head as we kicked off our shoes and I sat on the bed.

For a moment, Becca paused and looked at me slyly and eyed me in a rather mischievous way. "You know what I've been wanting to do all night?" She asked softly.

Before I could reply, Becca shoved me on to my back on the bed and slid on top, kissing me deeply and her hands running down my sides. I was caught off guard, but not displeased. I kissed her back, my arms sliding around her waist.

Suddenly Becca drew away, her breath slightly ragged, "Get up on the bed all the way." She said, and I slid up the middle of the bed, and she once more climbed up on top of me, and suddenly pulled off my shirt. This, definitely surprised me. But before I could react, my body was tingling as she kissed down my neck, groping my right breast and squeezing it gently. I gasped as she hastily pushed away the fabric of my bra and kissed my nipple, then began gently sucking on it.

Emotions and feelings ran through me i had never felt before, and I found myself, well, lost in the passion. I responded with soft moans and my own hands roamed up under her shirt, and she suddenly moved away from my peaked nipple and kissed down my stomach. I was shocked at how fast she was going. A little nervous too, but then again hormones overruled me and I tensed slightly as she quickly unbutton my pants, tugging them down and off my legs.

"Becca," I breathed, shocked even more.

"Shh." She murmured, and suddenly kissed my thigh, pushing my legs apart.

"I-" my words were cut off as she tugged down my panties and pressed her finger in between my legs. I gasped, thrills going through me.

"I knew it." She looked up at me and smirked.

"What?" I said, gaspingly.

"You're already wet." She murmured, and stroked me softly.

"Ohmygod." I muttered, closing my eyes as a chill ran down my body.

She laughed softly, and continued stroking me, softly at first.

I trembled under her touch and she slid up and kissed my lips softly, then deeper as she began to stroke me faster and faster.

I moaned and felt my body tense slightly, and she moved her lips down my body again, and then moved her hand away. I was only disappointed for a moment, until I felt something softer, and indescribably more pleasurable in between my legs. I forced myself to look down and saw her tongue running.. down there!

"Oh god." I gasped, as she licked me slowly and tantalizingly, massaging my clit with her tongue. She pinned down my legs and continued, causing bigger sensations of pleasure to go through me, and i felt my body suddenly tense up more than before.

I gasped, feeling as if time had suddenly stopped, and a deep thrill went through me, then what felt like I could only describe as a release. A moment later, Becca was by up next me again, smirking.

Breathing heavily, I looked over at her with wide, shocked eyes, "What.. was that?" I asked weakly.

She laughed, "An orgasm." Becca answered, as if the answer should've been obvious to me.

"My first orgasm." I murmured.

Becca laughed again, and leaned close to my ear and whispered, "Want another?".