Summary: This poem is written to the man who used to be my idol: my father.

WARNING: Some of my Christian beliefs are incorporated into this poem.

No flames, please; I know I'm not the best poet in the world, but it's just something I wanted to say.

Would you believe me if I said

That once upon a time, I idolized you?

Anything you said, I'd believe it was right

And anything you did, too


To me, you were the greatest man since Jesus,

You taught me everything I know

I wanted to follow your every footstep

But that was so long ago


Now, sometimes, I can't stand see you

I wish you'd go away

I now see all of your faults

And I argue with everything you say


No matter what I do, I can't please you

You always assume I'm doing wrong

And when the accusations begin

They go on for far too long


I know that sometimes it's my fault

I know that I sometimes rebel

But something you need to know

Is that you are sometimes wrong as well


The thing is, I don't hate you

Even though I sometimes say I do

But the thing is, I don't love you

The way I once used to


I guess one reason God told us not to have idols

And think of them as "men of great renown"

Is that no matter who they are

They will always let you down.