They always say that the most wonderful things

In life, happen when your eyes are closed

And so they were, as the two secret lovers

Slowly leaning towards one another

Their hands were clasped tightly between their bodies

Eyelashes lightly brushing against

The soft cheeks that they lived over every day

Hidden beneath a cloudy night sky

Their faces, their lips, now mere inches apart

With the shadows around them swirling

Shielding their embrace in a sea of deep blue

The distance between them lessens still

The forest around them lies in pure silence

As they finally hit their targets

A brief moment of passion shared between them

But then she will pull away from him

A tint of pink on her beautiful pale cheeks

And she will run from the dark clearing

Back to the real world, which she utterly hates

A world where she pretends not to love

Or even know, the man from the secret nights

In that clearing, he will watch her run away

With a small secret smile on his lips