"Burning Up"

By: Sara C Thurmond

Date: February 7th, 2006

Down a road,

I'm going so far.

In automatic mode,

I don't know where you are.

But now you're here again,

And everything is okay.

Until we laugh and then,

Continue what we did everyday.

How can we still,

Do the same thing?

It doesn't seem real,

But we keep going.

Hide behind a smile,

Tuck away your heart.

And you're pretending all the awhile,

Inside you're torn apart.

Pretend you don't care,

About all the pain you had.

Pretend you're still here,

And you haven't gone mad.

It's the same I've always done,

The truth unknown.

I hide from everyone,

And they leave me alone.

Eating me inside,

Who would've thought?

No one knows I lied,

And myself is all I got.

Take care of everyone else,

Never a selfish flicker.

Never care about yourself,

Let yourself get sicker.

Take in all their pain,

Try to take theirs away.

But now you've gone insane.

From holding it in everyday.

A shadow of a sad smile,

On my pale face.

Was the pain worth while?

Or have you lost your place?

As they turn away,

I'm now burning up.

I'll hide from the light of day,

From the world I'm cut.