here we are, just the two of us
enclosed in this circular frame which is going far too boring
'cause what we tend to do is just run around in circles
and try to catch up to each other in every possible way
but there is just one-over-a-sixty percent chance that we meet
(or maybe even less)
because my only hopes of holding you
is when the chronometer ticktocks a Cinderella twelve o'clock
which is but a minute
in our perishing 24hour mutualromance wannabe
and maybe there is truly an eternity
because since we were invented together with the seconds hand
(or maybe even way back in sun-dial times)
and up to now, time still hasn't stopped
and it seems that it never will;
the short/hour hand (that is me)
will never stop revolving
and even just for sixty one seconds,
i will never get to hold and be with
the long/minute hand (that is you)