Endless Cycle:

Frozen tears
Form like icicles from her eye,
As the words on the screen
Etch their way into her heart
And carve their meanings deep into the flesh.
Night time echoes around,
The silence screams.
And she cries,
Nothing but a silent sniff.
Her fingers click on the keys,
"I have to go".
Lying in bed,
Paper and pen in hand,
She writes the words in her heart.

Hours later she folds the sheet,
Tucks it into a pocket,
And sees him,
The folded edge of the note
Makes its presence known.
And she reaches,
Ready to hand it to him,
Passing the baton,
Of words and feelings.
But a moment flashes,
And it is gone.
And he is gone.
And the note stays for another day.

Home,And her fingers click.
The note becomes a series of numbers,
Ones and zeros,
Sent into nothingness.
The reply is a long time coming.
What does it mean?
And what is it saying?
It's too hard,
The end?
Simple circles,
Winding round and round,
Coming back to the same place,
Over and over again.

An endless cycle?

Maybe the end?

Questions. Cycles. Constant repeat.

I don't want to end it. I don't. But... I don't know what ELSE to do.

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