His Smile

Another days come and gone

I pick up my feet, walking on

Life's but begun

I see no reason to sprint or run,

I'd much prefer to remain in my moment…

Though, it is not of mystic and magic made

It is mine.

Made of love, devotion,

And other such emotion…

It was a slow and steady thing

This feeling He did bring;

With His laughter of merriment

and mischief more!

He is no Ted or Tom,

Bobby or Brock,

Him I'll not name

Should this fall a'wrong

I'd have but myself to blame!

Between us pass, no longing looks

Nor hinting sighs,

Only wistful smiles

And darted glances.

In storybook tales

You hear of gallant knights and other

Great romances.

For me, there were no flashing lights

Or cupids bow

White with wings,

And angelic glow…

He came in all His plain splendor

A mop of Beachwood brown

Acting as His curled crown.

His quick grin

More tempting than any sin…

Below His eyes, of eternal blue skies

So you see,

It was no spell

That ensnared me so well,

It was His smile.