Still Waters

The emotions of my heart

Lie within still waters.



Awaiting, a specific spark

Awaiting, a certain smile.

For the fanciful lark,

In a midnight park,

I am not.

Nor the dalliance of desire

-That casts no fire

-That creates no warmth

That leaves,

In one

Quick, cold breeze…

The emotions of my heart

Are not as a mirror

That upon pleasure

You peer.

I hold not my heart, in my hand

Nor every thought across my face…

My heart I guard.

And my thoughts…

They are my own.

But this I'm sure

-You must have known.

Should you find?

The walls of solitude

Should you find?

The pathway through

Should you find?

The still waters

Were my heart does lay…

…From you,

It will not-ever stray.