Demons of Yesterday

The past is gone,

Left to linger in the darkness of coming days.

Hindering in so many ways…

It is as the ash at thy feet,

It is as the dust that stings

Pulling a blindfold over thy eyes,

A silence over thy ears…

Let the days remain as they fall…

Let the lessons learned stand tall,

In the eternal reminder…

Live for today,

No matter the whisper of worry

Holding thy sway.

There will always be another day,

To pick up the pieces of thy past,

To look one last,

But let it be fast.

Lest you lose thineself to the sirens call

That sings, in sultry song

Of every fault,

Of every failing…

Was not every Hero thus mired?

Drug down and tired,

By qualm, and question?

What more could be asked of thee?

Than what I now say:

Let thy not be so entrapped

By the demons of yesterday…