This is my second story! I hope you guys like it! I've had it in my mind for a while so… Well I just hope it turns out good! Oh just so you guys know this is set in a different world and it is like in the past I guess… well u know they don't have technology. Oh and it is slash so if you don't like don't read. Anyway on to the story!

Demonic Love

Ch.1 Something in the Cherry Tree


Aden sighed as he leaned against the brick wall that surrounded the temple. He closed his bright green eyes and rested his head on his arms. Aden wanted to leave this place forever but the walls that acted as a barrier between the temple and the outside world trapped him. He hated his life. In truth it was all his parents fault… but he would not allow himself to blame them for his situation.

It all started when his father's shop burned down. He was a blacksmith in a small town called Batlou but made just enough to get by. They couldn't afford to build another store so his father went to work with another blacksmith. However he didn't get paid much. So his parents sent him to live at a temple. The temple was in the name of the goddess Nara, who was the goddess of wind. He remembered the first day that he came here.


"Welcome young Aden!" Head Priest Nathan said a little too enthusiastically to be believable. He was tall and had an air of knowledge about him. His eyes were a dark blue and he had bright yellow hair.

"Hello sir," Aden said smiling lightly.

"We'll take him from here ma'am," one of the monks said from behind Nathan. Aden's mother was clutching his arm painfully. She didn't move.

"Don't worry Mom I'll be fine," Aden said. She reluctantly let go.

"I'm so sorry that we have to do this honey," she said tears in her eyes.

"Come on Beth don't worry he will be fine," her husband said.

"I know Rich but… it's still hard," Beth said quietly.

"We will take very good care of him Miss Leyland," Nathan said again. His mother managed a weak smile.

"I guess I'll see you guys later," Aden said, his eyes downcast.

"Oh we'll come and see you soon okay," Beth said hugging him.

"Come know dear, he's a grown boy he'll be fine. Good bye son,"


That was one whole year ago. He was fine with staying here because it wouldn't have been that bad if it hadn't been for her. The temple wouldn't just let him live there for free. Although you would think that they would considering they are supposed to be all for charity. So Aden's father made a deal with Head Priest Nathan. Aden would have to be married to his daughter, a young priestess in training, Melanie, when they turned 18. That was four years from now.

Aden couldn't stand her. She was so annoying. Melanie would follow him wherever he went when she wasn't in training. Even in the library! Aden just wanted to be alone when he read a good book. The temple was rather large and held many rooms for the people who worked there to sleep in. It also had a cafeteria and library. Other than that there was nothing and no privacy. Aden even had to share his room with two old monks.

But… back to Melanie. She wouldn't have been nearly as bad if she would just leave him alone for a while. However, she would still be bad. Her voice was loud and annoying and… well he just didn't like her. However, there was no way out of the betrothal that he could think of.

Aden turned his head in his arms to look at a large tree in the corner of the courtyard. His blond hair blew gently in the breeze and he shivered slightly. His hair was once a little longer but the Head Priest had made him cut it. Only women were allowed to have long hair. Some of the monks wanted to shave his head but he wouldn't allow that. He wouldn't even let it go really short. It had to be able to move when he shook his head. That was how he liked it.

He turned his head in his arms and his eyes landed on the large cherry tree in the corner of the yard. A sudden movement caught his eyes. He squinted to get a better look at it. From what he could make out from where he was it was a white tail…

Curious, Aden slowly crept over to the tree. As he drew nearer he realized it was a white tail. It looked like it belonged to a cat.

"A cat must have gotten lost… poor thing," Aden said as he neared the tree. When he reached the trunk of the tree he saw something that he did not expect at all.

It was a boy about his age. He was sitting on a limb of the tree his legs hanging off. The boy's eyes were closed and it seemed as if he were sleeping. Now, it was odd seeing a boy sleeping in a cherry tree in a temple courtyard but the thing that stuck out the most was that he wasn't human.

His hair was snow white and a little longer than Aden's. Out of the top of his hair were two furry ears. They were the same color as his hair and shaped like cat ears. The tail came was actually his. A hole was cut in his blue tunic(1) at the very bottom of his back where the tail protruded. The tunic was a little small on him. The belt that held it in place was at his waist but it ended at his mid thigh.

"A cat demon," Aden whispered wide-eyed. He had luckily never seen a demon in real life. He had read about them though. If he remembered correctly this boy was a lesser cat demon. One of the weaker ones because it had the body of a human and only some cat-like traits. He couldn't remember the exact name that they called themselves though.

Aden continued to stare. The mysterious boy captivated him. The wind picked up and again and several petals from the tree flew off. They gently ghosted across the cat demon's pale face. As the leaves left his ears twitched. Slowly his eyes opened. They were a golden yellow and were cold.

"What are you looking at?" he snapped. Aden blushed and began to stammer. He had gotten entranced in the demon's eyes.

"Oh… um You shouldn't be here… I mean this is a temple and all…," Aden stammered. All temples tried to keep demons away. In fact many had demon hunters stay there. Most people didn't like demons though because many of them were cruel and ruthless. The demon stood up on the branch.

"What do you care? All humans hate demons," he sneered. Aden looked up at him confused. Why did he think that?

"Oh Aden!" a girl yelled from the back door of the temple. The cat demon's ears pricked up and he turned his head to face the girl. She couldn't see him from where she was but he narrowed his eyes any way.

"Melanie," Aden said exasperatedly. She ruined everything! He turned to look at the other boy just in time to see him jump from the tree into the woods behind the back wall. He sighed and turned back to see Melanie running up to him. Her long black hair flew out behind her as she ran towards him. As she stopped it hit her back in the face and she had to push it out of her way. Her dark brown eyes looked up at him.

"I was looking everywhere for you!" she exclaimed happily and practically tackled him. He groaned at tugged at her white priestess robs in an attempt to get her off.

"I was out here the whole time," he said as she let go.

"Oh… woops! Come on though I found a book in the library you would like!" she grabbed his arm and pulled him along. It was probably another family history of her own family. He wished so badly he that could tell her how he felt…, but well, he couldn't, it would break her heart. Aden sighed he would probably never see that demon again. He was kind of cute too.


(1) Ok I'm really not sure of what they are called but they are like tunics but they are also like robes I guess… You know I think they wore them in Japan in the past. I don't think they are kimonos but I'm not sure. If anyone knows please tell me.

So how was it? I thought it turned out okay. I hope you guys like it! Well, until next time!