Demonic Love

Ch. 15 Leader


"I'll see you two tomorrow," Jamie said smiling as usual.

"Bye," Aden replied happily waving. Namir simply nodded. Aden had managed to get a job at Jamie's store as well. Namir had convinced Jamie to give him a job at the store. While Namir often helped with deliveries Aden would do things around the store, such as stocking shelves and the like.

"I like working there," Aden said happily. "Plus we get more money for other things,"

"Aden! Namir!" a panicked voice called from behind them. Both boys turned around to see a disheveled Will running towards them.

"What's wrong?" Namir asked calmly.

"Demons… attacking," Will panted, it was obvious he had run all the way to where they were.

"Where?" Aden asked seriously.

"Near your house," Will, who had now caught his breath, replied.

"Get on my back," Namir said as he turned to Aden, "It's faster." His boyfriend nodded and clamored onto Namir's back. The white-haired demon jumped onto the roof of the nearest house. Jumping from house to house the two made their way to where Will had said the demons were.

"Those two certainly are odd," Will said. His eyes widened when he realized he would have to run all the way back there.

"It was so peaceful too," Aden said as Namir was jumping from roof to roof.

"I know," Namir said quietly. The cat demon hurried as he could hear the commotion. As they finally reached there destination the two landed on the ground in front of the large crowd facing the demons. In front of them stood the cat demons from before, well those that were still alive. Namir growled angrily at them as he let Aden down. "What do you want?" he snapped.

"You know very well what we want," Galo shouted angrily. He seemed to have gotten back a little movement in his arms. They were both bandaged heavily and it was obvious he wouldn't be fighting for a long time.

"We don't have it!" Aden shouted, "I destroyed it." The demons stared at him for a second and then Sora broke out laughing.

"You expect us to leave just because you say you broke it?" she said in-between laughs. She stopped laughing before continuing with a sneer, "Do you think we're fools?" Namir was about to retort a snide remark at her but someone else spoke before he got the chance.

"Enough Sora," A deep voice from behind her said loudly. She turned around and began to stutter, "M-Master! I'm so sorry." She kneeled down in a bow. A cat demon that Aden didn't recognize walked out from behind her. The other two cat demons kneeled as well. Namir glared at the newcomer darkly. He was taller than all the other cat demons with long dirty blond hair and piercing green eyes. "What he says is the truth," he said coolly. The three remaining cat demons looked up at him in surprise.

"If you know its true then what do you want Tyro?" Namir asked the tall cat demon.

"Now, now," he said tutting, "Is that anyway to treat your leader?"

"You are not my leader anymore," Namir said angrily.

"See that is why we are here," Tyro said smirking. "To get rid of a traitor," he said, suddenly glaring at Namir.

"You fail to realize that I already defeated these three," Namir said getting into a fighting stance, his tail flicking back and forth.

"And I'll be here this time too," Aden said standing next to Namir.

"Yes… the mage," Tyro said looking at him. "This shouldn't be that hard."

"Wait Master!" Luscious said suddenly realizing what this meant. "You can't fight him! If you loose then he will become the leader!" The group of people that had gathered behind Aden and Namir began to whisper hurriedly.

"So… if you win you will lead these guys?" Aden asked incredulously. Namir nodded.

"I will not be led by some human lover!" Galo said indignantly.

"I will not loose," Tyro said, "You have nothing to worry about." Without another word he raised his hand and shot a bolt of lightning at Namir. He managed to push Aden out of the way and jumped out of the way. Tyro shot bolt after bolt at Namir as he managed to dodge them.

"There has to be something I can do to stop him," Aden said worriedly. Namir was too busy dodging to attack Tyro. If Aden attacked then Tyro would turn and attack him. And then Namir would get worried and might get hurt. There has to be something to stop lightning, Aden thought as he began to panic. Lightning, lightning lightning, he though pounding on his head. That's it! "Hrut mao kee," Aden said holding out his hand to the space directly in-between him and Tyro. A tall metal pole shot up from the ground, towing above the houses. The lightning bolt that Tyro had just shot suddenly changed direction hitting the pole.

"What?" Tyro asked suddenly confused as he shot a second bolt which turned at struck the pole. Tyro turned and saw the pole in the ground and smirked. "Smart boy," he said looking at Aden. "Too bad you're about do die." He created a lance of lightning in his hand and charged at Aden.

"Leave him alone!" Namir yelled shooting ice at him. Tyro jumped up into the air to dodge the ice and he turned around to face Namir mid-air. Aden smirked softly, "To a no." Metal spikes surrounded Tyro and sped forward at him. He let out a scream of pain as several pierced him. He managed to only get scratched by four but the fifth was lodged in his stomach. He fell to the ground on one knee as he pulled out the spike from his stomach. He looked up at Aden.

"Damn you-," he started but couldn't finish because Namir, who had run up behind him, had decapitated him with his lance.

"Master!" the three cat demons yelled in despair. Namir ran over to Aden and held him close whispering into his ear.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt right?"

"I'm fine," Aden said melting into his embrace.

"He's our master now!" Galo said angrily.

"That's so not fair!" Sora replied glaring angrily at the two boys.

"It doesn't count because there were two of them! Tyro would have won if that human wasn't there!" Luscious shouted at Namir.

"That's too bad," Namir said as he let go of Aden. "Now I am the clan's leader. Unless you want to die, you had better listen to me." Luscious sighed. He knew he wouldn't be able to beat him.

"Good. Now go get the rest of the clan. I want them all here in half an hour," Namir demanded. The three reluctantly bowed and jumped off into the forest to collect the clan.

"You did it!" Aden shouted happily hugging Namir. The crowd behind them, which now consisted of the entire town, cheered gladly.

"Thanks to you," Namir said as he softly kissed Aden, who was smiling the whole time.

Within the thirty minutes the entire clan of cat demons was standing in front of Namir. All kinds of cat demons were there, the old and the young. The villagers were a little nervous with having so many demons there but they were quiet.

"All right listen up!" Namir shouted. The demons quieted down. "Tyro has been killed. I am the new leader of our clan." Whispers erupted in the crowd, though no one doubted what Namir had said as they had seen Tyro's body. "Actually… we are the new leader of the town," Namir said wrapping his arms around his blushing boyfriend.

"A human as our leader!" one of the demons said outraged. Several of the demons grumbled, annoyed.

"Yes! He and I are your leaders from now on," Namir said.

"But-but I can't be the leader too. I don't know anything about the clan or anything," Aden protested.

"You helped me beat him," Namir whispered, "And you're my mate." Aden blushed a deeper shade of red. He turned to face his clan, "Unless you want to fight us you had better accept it." A few cat demons kneeled down is respect and the others soon followed. Namir smirked. "Good. Now as my first rule as being the new leader," he paused, "You will leave humans alone." There were a few hushed murmurs but they quickly died down. "If I catch anyone harming any human, they will have to deal with me."

"I will not live in the caverns with you. I'll live here," he said, "With Aden." He looked over the crowd once. "That's it you can all go." The majority of the cat demons left however there were a few that stayed behind.

"Master Namir," one of them spoke nervously. She was probably in her late twenties and in her right arm was a small cat demon, probably about two or three. "Would it be alright if we… lived here in this town. I think it would be better for my son to live here."

"You'll have to ask the elder of the town," Namir said. The woman bowed and thanked him as she headed over to speak with Mira. Namir turned to face Aden again. "See I told you everything would work out," he said as he kissed him softly. Aden smiled brightly back at him.


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