Alpha Team

Steel Baron's Revolution


In a world that could be your own, beings possessing great abnormal abilities, deemed superheroes fight off warding evil and harmful anomalies. But alas once in a while the forces of evil are to great for just one hero alone. For this reason a team was foraged. Founded and lead by the great and mysterious hero; Genesis. Some of the heroes are called together in the event of a major crisis to defend the safety of humanity. This is the first recorded mission of many of the great Alpha Team.

We come in Rune City on a hero named Energon who draws his power from any light source near him. This is their story.


75:58:49:30 TO FINAL BATTLE

Jay sprinted across the roof to the very edge. Down below was four men dressed completely in black totting hi-tech weapons and rock climbing gear. 5 Stories high on the neighboring building was another man dragging a large safe to a hole in a window.

It was 2 o'clock in the morning so no one saw Jay unzip his backpack and extract his Energon suit and quickly begin to change. Having trouble putting on his right leg boot Energon looked over the edge to see two men begin to climb up the side of the building.

This was going to be tricky. The mayor of Rune City was haveing a large Gala on the rooftop of the Trinity Building only a block away, and only two buildings away another party atop a building was being thrown to raise money for the hospital by the philanthropist Bill Monray and was being visited by the billionaire Luke Lumarr, so lots of big wheels were in the recent vicinity. Any amount of commotion would attract attention.

The two men on the ground turned sharply as the red, orange, and yellow colored Energon fell from the sky behind of them. "Wher-how," the first man sputtered. "Why, boys isn't to hot to be wearing black," mused Energon. The second man tried to rush the hero but he picked him up and threw him hard into the other black-clad man. The second man's gun accidentally shot up in the air and split one of the climbing man's safety lines.

The man fell screaming arms and legs flailing. "Oh, of course," groaned Energon as he leaped to the air. Grabbing onto a small crack in the side of a building, Energon grabbed onto the line with his free hand. The man dangled 4 feet from the ground. Energon released the man and he fell to the ground in a moaning heap.

The second climber saw all this and whipped out a revolver and began firing down at the hero. Energon skillfully managed to dodge the six bullets. Leaping again though the air Energon clung to the safety line and began a series of menacing blows to the criminal. In no time the climber was out like a light.

"Hey Energon," came a voice above the hero. Energon looked up to see the man with the safe. In an instant the robber pushed the safe out the window and down the building smashing in windows and setting off alarms every where. "Oh, great," muttered Energon.

The hero sprang through the hole in the window and chased the thief up the stairs onto the roof.

On the roof was a single 30 foot tall spire. When the two got to the roof Energon grabbed at the criminal's mask and tore it off. The thief was a bald man with a thin mustache and blue eyes. On his neck was a large blue tattoo in a shape of an odd skull design. Now realizing it the design was everywhere on the criminal's uniforms.

The thief drew out a long knife and began trying to stab Energon, but the hero was to fast he batted the weapon from his had and pushed the criminal to the ground.

The fiend drew out a long cylinder with an odd shaped end. It resembled the end of a rifle. The robber fired the weapon sending a beam of red light past Energon's shoulder melting a hole in his costume. Immediately at great speed the hero kicked the odd gun from the criminal's hand sending it down 10 stories.

"Hey what did you do that for," asked the discouraged thief. "Do us all a favor and take nap," replied Energon punching the robber into unconsciousness. Police cars pulled up to the scene as Energon dragged the villain to the stairs.

Just as Energon was beginning to feel tired a loud explosion thundered through the air. Looking to see what was the matter a large billow of smoke rose up from across the vast city. Screams and sirens filled the air

"Oh, great," came the complaint of the hero.

75:32:13:02 TO FINAL BATTLE

The sunrise over the Pacific Ocean was a beautiful sight to behold. The German American Nicolie was sipping the expensive wine that the Alpha Base: Freedom 6 had to offer admiring the sight atop the 5 story balcony. He sighed with content.

His little sister, Elilia, came running to the edge of the balcony. "Nic, Nic, Sara said I could go sight seeing with your permission," said Elilia frantically. Nicolie knelt down and said something in German as the Base caretaker Sara Ellis came outside onto the balcony.

The little girl ran to Sara. "We can go now Nic said it was ok," Elilia explained. Sara smiled and waved a small good bye to Nicolie as she was being lead out by the excited little girl.

"Nooo," came echoing on the cliff side rocks from a window high above. "Genesis!" exclaimed Nicolie rushing to the source of the noise.

Genesis walked briskly into the large room containing the huge kitchen and the living area were Mike Menon, a.k.a Sparks was sitting on the large leather couch watching skateboarding. Nicolie a.k.a Heavy Metal ran into the room. "What is it Genesis," Nicolie asked concerned. "I'm fine Heavy Metal," said Genesis calling him by his hero name, "It is just that…well we discovered that he…he has resurfaced". "Who?" asked Nicolie, "Yeah Gen, what's the scoop?" agreed Mike.

"Well were all worked up because well-," but a man by the name of Chase Carent sprinted into the room. "Genesis, it is an alert from Rune City, some of his troops had landed," Chase said ominously.

74:56:12:45 TO FINALE BATTLE

Jay used to always laugh at the old horror movie monsters. He used to stay up late waiting to see odd creatures like a brain with ten legs or hairy beast with tentacles that comes from a green swamp.

But now he wasn't laughing.

The robot was at least 50 feet tall. The main body was a huge disc about 30 feet in diameter. Out of the disc came 6 arachnid like legs, 3 on each side. In front of the disc were four 40 foot long steel tentacles with 3 pincers. There was two tentacles on top of each other on each side of a giant red orb with the strange skull symbol on the front of it.

The tentacles were busy taking pincerfulls of money from a large hole ripped in the front of the bank and dropping them in a opening on the top of the disc-like body.

Energon begun his attack ripping a parking meter from the street and throwing it at the orb. The meter caused a huge crack in the side of the orb.

One of the tentacles stopped it's theft and faced Energon. The pincers straightened out revealing a dome in the center. The dome split in three parts. Three barrels came from the hole. The pincer fired red beams like the one the thief shot.

Energon dodged the first beam having it hit a car making the vehicle explode into millions of flaming pieces. The other three hit shops and the sidewalks. The a beam struck a mailbox next to the hero sending Energon hurtling through the air with the burning mail.

A pincer caught Energon's left leg throwing him in the air. Another pincer grabbed Energon's right arm as another grabbed his left arm.

The machine began to pull on the two arms. Energon tried to pull his arms together but the robots strength was astounding. Energon was exhausted and was seriously contemplating giving up to the machine.

Then a glint in the sky caught his eye.

The ship rocketed out of the clouds over killing robot. The two tentacles left over snapped into firing mode and began firing red beams at the plane. The ship fired at the robot but only achieved minor dents in the armor.

The ship flew back up in the clouds. Apparently the robot still considered it a threat because it dropped Energon and began firing all four pincers randomly into the clouds. The plane reappeared and fired to missiles that somehow dodged the red beams. The two missiles hit right behind the red orb.

A whirring sound became deafening then whined down. The legs broke down and the robot collapsed. The tentacles fell limp and motionless on the street, broken money sacks, and cars.

The ships began the decent. Steam came from 6 holes in the bottom of the ship. The landing gear unfolded and squeaked to the pavement. A landing dock came down from the back of the ship. A superhero with a sky blue suit along with more people began walking down the ramp, boots clanging along the steel bottom, they looked straight at Energon.

"Oh great," came the complaint of the hero.

73:25:57:10 TO FINALE BATTLE

The hero in the blue suit with a gold "g" and a belt with discs with the same "g" on them walked up to Energon accompanied by a tall man.

There was three other costumed heroes dragging men dressed in the same dress as the robbers form earlier. "My name is Genesis and this is Chase, do you know what they were after ?" asked the blue hero named Genesis. The man named Chase handed Energon a plain white business card, on the front it had the Alpha Team's logo and on the back was a single phone number : 000-0001.

"Call this if your ready to join our cause, you see there is a madman, a very powerful one, who we have barely defeated years ago. He has come back with a unknown plan to take over the world. The only suspicious event is the disappearance of thousands of gangs around the globe and the rise of technology and money in third world country, but these have no connection," said Genesis solemnly.

"Genesis! three of these Crawlers have been sighted at three banks in Millennium City," shouted a man with a vague German accent from the ship. "We must leave, you have my card," yelled Genesis running to the powering up ship.

As the large silver ship rose into the air and blasted into the clouds as light burst at dawn he looked again at the simple card. Crowds were forming, Energon leaped onto a billboard and disappeared over the top of a building.


Jay sat in the uncomfortable wooden chair in the huge lecture hall. He scratched his jeans feeling his suit underneath. He had been using the morning to finish a software program for Mr. Mckneen on the other side of town.

He was a junior in collage and was very tired of his professor's endless unexciting lectures.

The professor before him was much better. Unfortunately Professor Thomas died in the same lab accident that gave Jay the power to draw his power from any source of light in his freshman year.

He had been listening to this lecture for an hour and a half over physics when finally it was over.

Out side it started to rain. Across the street was Jennifer walking with her mega jock boyfriend. Jay followed them for about a block when he mustered up the courage to talk to them.

He began to walk up to them when a red mustang rushed by with a man in a ski mask firing a machine gun at four police cars following behind.

"Oh why now!" yelled Jay as he ran into an alleyway. "I need a vacation and get away from this city," he continued. Jay changed and chased down the perpetrators, complaining about it all the way.

64:58:36:16 TO FINALE BATTLE

The solider was frightened beyond recognition. He had goofed up again. He was in charge of a bank robbery in Rune City over in America. He was stationed in the Swiss Alps when the boss arrived. It was a big mission. He didn't factor in the Team coming in.

The boss was outraged.

He walked down the large corridor and into the main room.

The boss sat on a large gold throne. Skull emblems were every where in the room. To the right of the boss was his right had man, Tommy. He was an assistant to a professor before he went insane and the Baron hired him and his bionic strength inhibiting suit.

"So 14562, you have made yet another…error," the boss began, "an error you'll soon regret," he said pressing a button on the throne's left armrest.

The floor depressed into a bowl shape and the solider started to slide down. In the center spinning blades like in a blender popped up. The man screamed as he slowly slid toward the blades.

Just as the man was about to hit the blades they stopped. The man stood in between the sharp blades. "Do you think you need a second chance," said the Baron standing up. The man begged for mercy weeping. "What do you think, Tommy," asked the Baron.

"He has shown signs of failure, flaws, flaws must not be accepted," came the flat reply of the man behind the throne. "Now I'm not going to kill him because he has flaws," chuckled the Baron. The man sighed. The mad man turned his head to the solider. He was cloaked in darkness so all the man saw was a horrible steel hand reach out from the shadows to the throne. It resembled a large skeleton's hand except the large claws at the end of the fingers. "I'm going to kill him because I don't like him," he said pressing the buttons turning the blades on again with the man inside.

After a few minutes two other men entered the room. It looked as though nothing happened. "What do you command of us you high greatness," said the fat one.

"Ready my airship," the Baron ordered, "The Alpha Team has revealed their location to my decoy it is time I draw them to me with some…utter chaos". "At once," said the muscular man. The two left.

Steel Baron rose again. "Come Tommy, The Alpha Base awaits," said Steel Baron with a smirk.

64:25:17:52 TO FINALE BATTLE

Jay's day after the Crawler fiasco. Was horrible. Energon was now considered very unneeded after the famed Alpha Team had saved the day. Jennifer was away on a ski trip in the Swiss Alps for a few days. His apartment was on the seventh floor which he discovered was being fumigated for termites. He couldn't get into his laptop which he needed for finishing a program for a man he was employed, which means there was no check, no money or clothes. So all he had was his clothes he had on now, an apple, banana, two text books, five dollars, and finally his Energon suit.

Jay walked down the street when he discovered he was starved not having eaten in hours he looked up the street at a hotdog cart. Jay reached into his pocket for the five but instead cut the end of his finger on something sharp in his pocket. He pulled out the card of the Alpha Team. He stared at for a while and thought hard. It was time to make a phone call.

61:25:13:10 TO FINALE BATTLE

Mike Menon's life was always filled with taking huge risks. When Chase got word that an unknown large ship was spotted about 40 miles off the Spanish coast headed toward America he was the first to dismiss it as a ship that the Team hasn't put into their data base yet on the grounds if was dangerous it would be better to deal with it when it got here.

Mike otherwise known as Sparks because of his ability to emit power blasts of fiery plasma had always found new ways to use his powers. A power Mike discovered was very useful when pranking, a discovery he used when the four members of Alpha Base: Freedom 6 (Nicolie, Genesis, Mike, and Chase) moved closer to Rune city in Alpha Base: Gamma in order to greet the new member, Energon. This base was less safe and had more heroes in it not to mention transgenitic kids seeking refuge, but as Genesis said 'it was necessary for their efforts'.

Mike awoke suddenly to a high pitched steady screeching sound. Mike couldn't remember what the alert was so he retrieved a pamphlet from his bed side table. It listed the sirens : Steady boom: power failure, Rapid beeping: mechanical attack, Long screeching: intruder, Short screeching: natural disaster, Steady screeching: emergency head hero meeting.

Mike opened his door looking down both ways seeing that all the room doors were open too and heroes and kids were looking out in panic. Mike trudged to the main control center under the Base.

There were six people sitting at a round table looking at a holographic image of the bay with something metallic moving very fast in the water. A tall man in pajamas with a strong broad shoulders and glasses. Mike recognized him immediately as Ultra-Man. Chase sat in front of a keyboard and image control panel. Nicole sat in between Chase and Ultra-Man. A woman about the same age as Mike sat next to Ultra-Man. She had long black hair, high cheekbones and big brown eyes, Mike was pretty sure that she was the heroine Temptress. One seat over in the shadows was a man in his mid-twenties with long blood red hair with a blue eyes wearing all black clothes and a strange symbol branded on his hand. Genesis stood up and turned toward the crowd

Mike took a seat between Temptress and the strange man. "Now, three sightings of a mysterious Baron machine has happened in the last hour," Genesis pointed at the image and cleared his throat, " I have taken the liberty of tightening security around several vital Alpha Base facilities in close proximity…Chase," Chase hit a few keys on the control panel switching the image to several heroes and armored guards out side the base patrolling the area.

Mike raised his hand, "uh, with the high security who'll rendezvous with Energon." The image changed to a face picture of Jay and Energon with information about him at the bottom. "You and Syngore will go to the spot and arrive with Energon at all costs," said Genesis sternly. The strange man apparently Syngore next to Mike turned and frowned like he was thinking of something. "Me," came the reply of Mike Menon.

60:12:43:24 TO FINALE BATTLE

Jay, in his own mind, had a streak of genius. Since he had no money, he changed into Energon and using every once of stealth he had he rode on top of a bus to the rendezvous point under the bridge.

He sat there for at least an hour until a man a few years younger than himself accompanied by a man at least in his thirties dressed in clothes no darker than black arrived.

"Hurry we have only 20 more minutes of clearance," the young one muttered as he grabbed his arm and was pulled to the board walk along the bridge. The older one shook Energon's hand, "I am Derence Syngore: Prince of the Night." Energon just nodded.

They walked for a while before-.


A huge red beam erupted from the water a melted it's way through the bridge hitting a parked car which exploded on impact. The wreckage sent people running for there lives as red beams were emitting from the bridge. Syngore yelled, "Sparks, it is coming, I'll go to the base for help," and with that his body disappeared in a huge cloud of smoke. " As he did this long steel cables wrapped around the bridge. There was a terrible groaning of metal against metal. Then a huge red orb the same on the crawler fell in the middle of the bridge.

It only took seconds for Sparks and Energon to realize what it was doing. Ahead of the orb was five abandoned armored trucks filled to the brim with gold bars.

57:50:30:59 TO FINALE BATTLE

The front panel slid open and a disk 13ft. In diameter slide out. There was a loud whir and objects every flew through the sky into the disk. "It's a giant magnet," Sparks screamed as a car flew over his head. In a loud crack the five cars flew through the air a smashed flat against the magnet's power. The disk slowly began to go back into the orb. "Why hasn't Syngore come back," yelled Energon pulling Sparks out of the way of a street lamp. "Some thing must be wrong at the base, he is a teleporter and a telekinetic, nothing would stop him," said Sparks. Then they saw them, in the sky, small at first almost invisible. Just the soft glow of tiny red orbs, 10 of them. And three giant ones together, a blimp, a giant blimp heading North. "They got to the base already!" screamed Sparks, "we have to go and help."

"NO!" yelled Energon.

"What!" yelled back Sparks.

"We need to take care of the giant red ball with the super magnet first," yelled Energon.

"Oh right," yelled Sparks less enthused.

"Can you get me up there," said Sparks dodging a barrage of screws from the bridge as pieces of the bridge itself flew into the magnet retracting even slower under the weight of the metal. "You bet," replied Energon.

57:45:09:13 TO FINALE BATTLE

Energon grabbed Sparks by the waist and leaped with all his strength toward the orb. He landed on the hood of a flying El Camino. Using every fiber of muscle Energon had in his body he threw Sparks at the magnet.

Sparks had only one chance. He fired one of his biggest energy blasts ever at the super magnet. At first nothing happened, but within seconds the entire orb began to glow blue. A horrible crunching emitted from the sphere as it caved in on it's self until a bright blue flash that made both heroes squint and billions of sparks were left.

Sparks fell harmlessly to the ground. "Well that takes care o-" but before Energon could finish Sparks sprinted past him, "Come on we have to help the others!" he yelled.

"Oh great" came the complaint of the hero.

57:39:58:02 TO FINALE BATTLE

Heavy Metal punched his way through a crowd of Skull solders attacking two 6 year old telepathic transgenitic siblings. He to is a transgenitic or a human with nonleathal mutation that grant them special abilities, it is classified as a disease and is very rare: 5 out of every 100 people have it. In his mutant from his skin resembles polished steel which gets as hard as and amount of pressure against it. He has one inch long spikes at his forearms that runs up the back of his arms and ends as numbs at the bridge of his nose. He posses super strength and endurance.

He picked up the twins with two hands and turned around to see two troops with automatic weapons raised. With amazing speed Heavy Metal turned around and shielded the twins with his back.

The first bullets felt like mosquito bites but within seconds his body hardened to where they felt like someone poking you with their finger, and the welts caused by the first couple of shattered projectiles healed instantly. "Children!" screamed a tall blue woman with black curly hair and pupil less eyes standing by an idling van. " Madame Froirier," the twins said at once. Heavy Metal let them go to her as one of the two troops screamed, "Freak! face us," he had a Italian accent. I hate Italians thought Heavy Metal as he grabbed a wicker chair ahead of him. Spinning around he launched the heavy wooden chair one handed full-force at the Italian. It hit him in the upper body knocking him down motionlessly in the grass. The second opened fire on The German American. Heavy Metal ran at the sholder, grabbed the gun and snapped it in two over his knee. After throwing the other shooter through a second story window Heavy Metal looked around the courtyard. It was chaos.

A hand grabbed the transgenitic superhero. "Sparks, Newbie, finally we need to get inside the base." Energon ran along side the two Teamsters toward two large oak doors. The German hurled himself face forward at the doors. They splintered but didn't break. Instantly, Heavy metal's skin hardened. He ran backward and hurled himself at the doors. They exploded into millions of splinters of oak.

"MOVE!" screamed Heavy metal pushing the two heroes entering the base aside. Ahead of them a solder fired a weapon resembling a bazooka. It struck the Heavy Metal in the chest sending him through the air backward through the doors. Energon looked back to see Heavy Metal lying in the grass knocked out and back in human form.

Sparks had already hit the solder with a power blast and was vaulting up the stairs. Energon followed. They stopped at a two way entrance to a hallway. At one end a teenage girl was fending off a solder with a knife. "Help her I'm going to find Genesis," Sparks said sprinting down the other end.

In a blink of an eye Energon round-house kicked the solder into the wall. Grabbed the girl over his shoulder and sprinted down the hall. At the end he took a right and came to a hole in a wall. A black jet hovered in it with it's hatch open. "Come on you two, room for two!" yelled a man wearing all green. Screams of agony sounded from down the hall, Energon looked to see another pair of oak doors with a sign above saying gymnasium.

"Take the girl!" yelled Energon tossing her to the man.

They took off and Energon ran to the doors and flung them open. What he saw he would never believe.

56:24:03:03 TO FINALE BATTLE

The hero Plasmoid was being held by two Skull soldiers while a third repeatedly socked his fist into the heroes gut.

The heroine Temptress was held up by her hands with a genetic harness hooked to a chain strung from the ceiling. Two Skull Solders were using silver colored rods to electrocute her.

But in the most gruesome of all a man with the aura of evil standing in the shadows. A steel clawed hand wrapped around tall glass of wine.

In front of him strapped down by reinforced steel chains was Chase with a large clear plastic collar with complicated silver workings inside. The man in the shadows laugh ringed through the air, a sound so sinister Energon won't soon forget.

Energon thought to himself, those restraints are a bit overkill, a man like Chase, he would be kept down maybe by leather straps, not chains, what's up? He was about to get his answer.

"Chase, my dear old friend," said the shadow man, "where is Genesis, it's not a party without him."

"I don't know Baron, he went to help the children," Chase growled between clenched teeth.

"Really," the Baron clicked his fingers a solder brought a silver rod, "let's see."


Sparks found Genesis by a giant hole in the wall. In font was a Red Orb Jet. Without hesitation Genesis threw a exploding G-disc into the orb. It exploded into a raging inferno. The craft flew into the second story wall send the hall way quaking.

"Sparks were is the new recruit"

"He went toward the gym"

"That's were Chase went…wait," Genesis stuck his head out the hole and peered up at a giant black blimp birthed atop the gymnasium roof.

"Go to the garage and get a convoy together, Sparks, gather as many heroes you can, now!" Genesis yelled as he ran down the hall.

"Where are you going"

"To the gym to save him"

"You think Chase needs help?"

Genesis laughed. "No, but Energon might,"


Chase screamed. The arks of electricity danced around The man and Chase.

The man in the shadows let loose a laugh that made Energon again flinch.

He was so wrapped up in what was going on he didn't even try to stay hidden. The solders themselves were watching the man sip his wine and continue shocking Chase with the rod.

"I know what your thinking Chase," began The Baron, "Why am I not changing your thinking. Well it's because of the genetic suppressor around your neck. I have been working on a few months now just for you. Oh and these things, power rods, can go from ten volts to the electrical force of lightning," he shocked Chase again.

"Where is Genesis"

"I don't know"

The Baron twisted the bottom of the rod and jabbed Chase.

"Where is he Chase"?

"I…ungh…d-don't kno-kn,"

Baron twisted the bottom again, "400 volts, Chase, better tell,"


The Baron shocked him again.

Then Energon saw it even across the room. In the moon light, his eyes. His pupils went from round and human and then they turned to slits and the brown colored part turned yellow.

"It's happening, 234562, turn up the suppressor's current."

A solder approached Chase thrashing around on the chains. His skin had a greenish tint. The skin looked tougher even to Energon and even vaguely, Energon thought, like…scales.

Just before the solder reached up to adjust the clear plastic device, Chase's right leg broke from the steel chain and kicked the trooper in the chest. The body flew though the air and hit the wall near Energon.

Chase in seconds grew twice his size. In one motion he snapped the chains and fell off the wall. The guards in fright sprang to try and stop him.

Energon gasped, in front of him stood a giant 9 foot tall man lizard. Tail thrashing, Chase attacked the men. Two tried to shoot him down with their automatic weapons but his tail whipped around and hit them both to the ground. Four ran at him at him with shock rods at full power. Chase grabbed one man by the head and threw him into the other three.

"All men take it out," The baron said throwing his wine to the floor, "now!"

When he turned around he saw Energon gaping at the door way. The Baron took out a weapon from his hip holster and fired . A flash of green light flashed from the barrel. Energon felt the blast like a ton of bricks. He fell back and convulsed for a few seconds before he lay motionless near a steel crate with the Skull symbol.

"Like it, it's a synapse disabler"

Energon realized he was paralyzed. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't move.

"It uses protonic energy blasts to affect a person's nervous system's electrical synapses. This causes temporary paralysis"


"Because I can" said the Baron holstering the gun, "a few blasts from this will stop your nervous system dead…literally."

The Baron kneeled over Energon. The steel hand closed around Energon's arm. Blood began to trickle down Energon's arm on to the floor. His face came from the darkness into the moonlight.

It was a skull. A steel helmet shaped like skull with movable jaw. It fit so well it was proportionally the same as a head. It was horrible, the mere sight of it made Energon feel weak.

A gloved hand closed around Energon's throat. Energon's arm began to ach. He was regaining feeling.

The hand around Energon's throat squeezed harder. Energon's eyes began to water. His head began get dizzy, and his vision blurred. He was going to strangle him and he wouldn't be able to move for another minute.

"How does it feel to be on the brink of oblivion, m' boy,"

There was a distant whirring in the background muffled by the sound of The Baron's laughter. Everything was going black to Energon. And he was about to lose consciousness when it happened.

I spinning disc about 6 inches in diameter came out of no where and struck The Baron in the head. Sparks showered down upon Energon. The disc ricocheted back down the hall. Baron released Energon and fell to the ground. Energon forced a look down the hall at a blue figure.


"Energon are you okay."


He looked at The Baron standing up. He couldn't tell from the mask but he knew.

He was smiling.

51:43:06:12 TO FINALE BATTLE

Two discs whirred down the hall to Steel Baron.

With blinding speed Baron ricocheted the fist disc off his steel arm into the ground next to him. Then in one fluid movement punched the second disc shattering most of it into many different pieces.

Energon has seen that type of steel on the Baron's arm before. It was impregnated with an ore like substance called Zartaninum. Few don't even know it exists. The only reason Energon knew what it was, is that he once fought a villain named Knight of Valor. His high tech armor was 80 percent Zartaninum which meant it was resistant to heat and magnetism, it was light weight, resistant to rust or corrosion and when super cooled became very malleable. It was nearly indestructible. Energon had to lure The Knight of Valor into a vat of liquid nitrogen in order to slow him down enough to take the vat to the police so they can store him in a special container.

Genesis threw a third disc at The Baron. The Baron in response punched the disc but got a nasty surprise when the disc exploded knocking him back a few feet.

When he recovered he saw Genesis's boot strike him in the face. The Baron fell to the ground.

"I have some surprises too," Genesis said cracking his knuckles.

"But I'm not out yet, Genesis," Baron laughed pulling out his synapse disrupter firing a bolt into Genesis's face.

Genesis fell to the ground in a heap. The Steel Baron stood over him aiming the weapon between his eyes.

"This isn't a fitting end for you, Genesis, being shot and all. I am quite disappointed, I always dreamed of squeezing the life out of you with my bare hands and you certainly weren't paralyzed, but I'm in, unfortunately, a bit of a rush so easy come easy go, I guess."

Energon managed to clench his fists, in a few moments he might be able to stand, but he was far from being able to save Genesis. But it turned out he wouldn't need to as he saw who was behind The Baron.

Thumps shook The Baron as he slowly turned. He was so caught up in the moment he realized all the Skull Solders weren't fighting in the background. Serpent towering over the Baron, growled in his throat.

In a panic The Baron fired four bolts into the man-lizard's chest. Serpent just smiled revealing two inch long razor like teeth. Serpent let lose a roar that shook the walls. Baron dropped his Synapse Disrupter and tried to slash Serpent with his claws but Serpent's hide was to tough and the claws had no effect.

Serpent wrapped his hand around Steel Baron's head and lifted him into the air and threw him into a far wall. Serpent began to walk toward Steel Baron who was trying to stand up but obviously injured his non-steel wrist.

Steel Baron tapped a devise on his belt, "Tommy! Open transport bring us out of here! Torch the place!"

"Right away master."

The huge skylight above shattered as a large black rope fell to the ground. The Baron connected the line to his belt and tapped another devise, "I must be getting on, place to be, world to conquer, you know…the usual." The Baron zipped up into the moonlight and out of sight.

The crashes echoed through the building, the base was on fire.

51:28:16:08 TO FINALE BATTLE

Serpent threw Genesis over his shoulder and Energon over the other with the effort of a grown man picking up a rag doll. The scaly hero barreled through the oak doors without batting an eye.

Energon got his feeling back and began to squirm, "Hey Chase, let me go I-I can do this on my own."

"No you can't, your system hasn't fully recovered yet, plus you have no idea where we are going." He replied in a deep and gravely voice.

"I'll follow you."

"Yeah, and when you work your system to hard and die I'll have to live with that."

Energon was silent. That is until two fleeing Skull Solders were frightened by a 9 and a half foot tall lizard-man bursting through the flaming wall and opened fire. Energon screamed but serpent leaped in the air over the bullets. His long lizard toes wrapped around their heads and all of his 600 pounds pushed them through the weak floor.

Serpent turned to the left at 90 degree angle running through the wall head first into a bathroom, reducing a marble sink to ruble, and out the other side leaping in tuck-and-roll stance through flaming bare walls.

On the other side was a door marked: TO BASE MOTOR VEHICLE STORAGE FACILITY. Half off the steel door was covered in flaming debris and inaccessible.

"Run through the wall," said Energon bracing for impact.

"No, the structures to weak, the stairwell would fall in on us before we got out."

"Then how-how are g-going to get down there."

Before he could an answer Serpent's tail wrapped around both Energon and Genesis holding them far behind Serpent's main body. In one fell swoop Serpent jumped head long through a window beside the door creating a hole large enough for the two men carried by his tail to pass through easily.

Out of the building it was a 30 foot drop to a sky light over the garage. Serpent shielded his face with his massive arms as he hit the 2 inch thick bullet proof glass.

When the garage was breached there was a 40 foot drop down two stories. Serpent thrust his claws into the concrete of a main pillar and climbed down keeping the two aloft with his tail.

When they were on the ground Serpent sprinted the full length of the garage to where two reinforced armored Alfa Team transport vans and a blue Maida idling by an open door.

Serpent placed Genesis in a van and two transgenetic people, a small wiry boy with a Mets Jersey, codenamed The Healer, placed his glowing blue hands on Genesis' chest and began his work. And a telepath codenamed Truesight placed her hands on the sides of his head and Genesis' eyes shot open and they turned all white.

Serpent shut the doors and began to order, "Get him up and kicking, we role NOW!"

Energon staggered to the car and climbed into the passenger's seat. Sparks put it into drive.

Smiling, "Hey you look like you've just died," Sparks tapped a button on the dash, " All units go, we have to move before this place crashes down on us."

The sports car zoomed out of the door followed by the vans.

"Any idea where we are going?" asked a teenaged girl in the backseat by what Energon guessed was her boyfriend.

"We have a rendezvous in Millennium City with a certain hero with access to a battle jet."

"Ultra-Man," came the excited reply of the boy

"Yep," said Sparks

And with that they drove down a dirt road as the sun was rising.

50:58:03:48 TO FINALE BATTLE

He couldn't remember what his name was. The gene therapy had done it to him. From what he could remember it had an X in it. So that what he called himself, X.

He stood 80 stories atop the Ritzer Tower in Millennium City 200 miles west of New York. He had his black custom leather suit, sleeves cut off in the middle of the bicep, his military boots, and com-link black eye piece. He was a Phantom Walker

It began when he was 12. He was thrust into a genetic recombination program funded by a major pharmaceutical company and partially by the government. The goal was to make every flaw, and setback of being human perfect. They weren't out to make a super-solder, just the most perfect being on the face of the earth . It didn't work out. All the subjects though most physical flaws were solved mental problems like sever psychosis, and memory amnesia. They inevitably created the ultimate go-to army named Phantom Walker

X's senses were far more acute than most animals. He's sensory perception border on precognition. It was so finely tuned he could feel the slightest change in the air pressure. At will his vision could be magnified over 60 times. He could hear two college girls whispering about a professor in a idling cab in the street below. His reflexes would put a cat to shame. His strength could match that of a World Strongest Man contestant. He was practically unstoppable.

He was waiting for his "assistant", Jordan McConnell, a young, ex-bioengineer. She originally took X in as an experiment to see what human modification would do in society. So far It was pretty much crazy.

X smiled as he sensed the Colt .45 being pulled from it's holster half way across the room. He stood perfectly still until she stop behind him.


The Maida screeched to a halt in front of Ultra-Man talking with a police officer. Black flex-armor clad Chase back in human form jumped out of the van in the back and ran up to him.

"Steve, uh- Ultra-Man we have a problem," said Chase

"So do we," replied Ultra-Man ominously. He had his arms crossed in his serious 'I am about to destroy things manner'. Chase knew he should tread cautiously because not only does is strength nearly match Serpent's but he could change his density to become untouchable, and he could fly at nearly supersonic speeds. His worst traits however was his blasts of ultronic radiation that, in beam form, will easily go through solid steel. "There is a break in at the Ritzer building here," he pointed his thumb over his shoulder to a building behind him, " The cops got through the door, but there is some sort of force shield blocking the last 16 floors that I can't penetrate even at my lowest density."

"So, what do want us to do?"

"You would happen to have Magma and Atoma would you?"

Chase looked back at the sports car and the teen couple in the back. He face d the hero. "Are you sure? You know how dangerous that could b-"

As soon as he got that out the top floor of the Ritzer Tower erupted in flames and billowing smoke, firey debris rained down a round them.

A strikingly beautiful woman ran out of tower's revolving door pasts the oncoming cops.

She held out a badge, "Dr. McConnell, genetic research representative of the World Protection Agency!"

Ultra-Man grimaced, "Is the W.P.A blowing up buildings now?"

"The W.P.A is not responsible for this, I and my…subject were investigating a database of military cloning reach based in the Switzerland mountains."

A fight between the ultra hero and the doctor was about to break out when a body fell on the hood of the leading van, shattering the windshield and crushing the hood. The driver, a heroine called Huntress was sent into blood curdling screams. Every hero and transgenetic in the convoy leaped from the vehicles and gathered around.

The chief of M.C.P.D followed by Chase, Ultra-Man, and Dr. McConnell pushed through the group.

"Hey um, I'm new but this might be a set back," said Energon just waking up.

"X!!" Screamed Jordon McConnell

In a few seconds, the body staggered to it's feet. It was X brushing and pulling glass from his shoulder and neck smiling as his body was automatically healing, in a few minutes it would be like nothing ever happened.

"Hey Jordon, Flare is here for the database too." And with a little chuckle he casually walked into the Tower cracking his knuckles.

48:59:59:01 TO FINALE BATTLE