Today I imagined a terrible thing

Something I never want to think of again

I imagined you died as I sat at my desk

You died, and I didn't know

You were young, 15, so young…

My heart raced

I saw myself staring at my mom

Laughing at your dad

Saying it was a lie

I wore purple at your funeral

It was your favorite

Even if I hated it

I stood last in line

To observe the casket

A long time I stood in front of your body

Looking at your face

Waiting for you to jump up and yell


Hours, upon hours I stood there

And then I went home

I called your cell phone over and over again

But you didn't answer

Every time I called

I would hear a lady saying

That you were disconnected

I didn't believe it

The bell rang

School was out

You called me

And I thanked God

That he has given you

Because now I cherish

Every time I hear your voice

Because I love you

You're my best friend

I love you