People sitting, people standing. People getting on, people getting off. When the subway stops the people standing take a step or two back to steady themselves. People listening to music. Quiet, loud, rock, gospel, all different.

A man sitting reads a newspaper. The article is about the victims of hurricane Katrina. A lady in her twenties stands, trying to read a book. The book is "How to Control Annoying Children" by Katrina Kurt. Two little boys stand, complaining to their mother that their legs are tired. They're on their way to their grandfather's. A little old man is asleep with his head on a twelve year old girl's shoulder. The girl doesn't notice he's drooling on her new sweater. She's busy giggling at her best friend who's kissing a boy from school. The boy's friends think how stupid it is to be kissing. Didn't they know it was flu season?

A baby in a carriage sneezes. She's on the way to the hospital for a check up. A doctor sits, reading over a medical file. He's cracking his bubble gum. A dentist stands, talking on her cell phone. She's talking to her receptionist about cavities. A boy phones his friend, to make sure he did all his homework. He didn't, he forgot to do his English assignment. The girl sitting across from him is in the middle of her English assignment. Her assignment is about a boy and the people sitting around him on the subway. Behind her sits a boy listening to music. He drums his fingers against his knees on time to music only he can hear.

A lady on her way to a play read the program. The play is a musical called "Cats". A young man sits, trying to program his palm pilot. He can't figure out how to set the time and date. A woman, on her way to work, gets on the subway. She has a laptop slung over her shoulder in a bag. A little girl reaches into her mother's purse and pulls out her mother's keys. The little girl promptly drops them on the ground, they slide away. A man with a turban on his head sits on the ground, meditating. Why he chose this time and place to meditate, no one knows. A lady, standing stares off into space. She's not particularly thinking of anything. A group of boys and girls sit together, yapping away. They're not particularly talking about anything. A boy absent mindedly runs his hand through his hair. He's going to get it cut.

A girl sucks on her finger. She cut it on her nail file. A lady inspects her imperfect nails. She's just been to the manicurist and already, there's a chip in the polish. A slightly round little boy sticks his hand into a bag of chips. He drops a chip on the ground. A girl walking off the subway steps on it and grimaces. It sticks to the gm that she's already stepped in. The man who spat the gum on the ground was on the subway yesterday. He had been on his way home from work.

One lady is going nowhere. She's only sitting on the subway, looking for inspiration. She's an artist who loves to paint and draw things from everyday life. She likes to draw people and newspapers, books and candy. She likes to paint phones and teeth, papers and costumes. She likes sketching modern technology, keys and nail files. She likes things that other people find commonplace and tiresome. She likes watching the world go by.