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15 years ago…

Regina Kiel screamed in pain as contractions wrecked her body. She gritted her teeth and tried to push with all her might even as the red haze of pain descended on her body.

"Come on," the midwife hissed. "He's almost out." The blond middle-aged woman stood by Regina's side, trying to aid the screaming girl in her labor.

Regina shut her eyes, feeling the sweat pouring down her face profusely. The pain…the agony was too much. It was the most tremendous pain she had ever felt in all of her twenty-three years.

Richard Kiel held his wife's hand tightly. "You're almost there, dear," he whispered, brushing the side of her face tenderly and wiping away some of the perspiration. "He's almost out."

Regina forced another push and endured the next wave of searing pain. Soft but musical cries filled the room.

The midwife held the baby precariously, as if afraid to drop him.

She smiled. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kiel. You've a healthy baby boy." She carried the infant over to his father, who eagerly took his son from her arms.

"Dear, have a look," Richard said happily, moving the boy near her face. "Isn't he beautiful?"

Regina smiled weakly. Despite the weakness in her limbs and the aches immersing her body, she felt an immense sense of satisfaction of being a mother.

"That's wonderful…" she whispered.

"I'm sorry, son, but we'll leave your mother to rest." Smiling, Richard brought his newborn son to his chest in a protective embrace and walked out, almost running into the doctor.

The doctor nodded at the new father. "I'll take over from here," he offered, holding his hands out to take the baby. "It'll take just a while," he assured him. "I just need to check him."

Richard nodded and relinquished his son to more experienced hands. As he walked out of the room, he turned around and watched through the transparent window of the room. Many babies were sleeping in cots, each of them hardly even a few hours old. Richard watched anxiously as the doctor placed his infant son in a cot and subjected him to several checks to ensure his health.

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" someone gushed in a deep voice beside him.

Richard almost jumped. He hadn't expected anyone to be beside him. A middle-aged man with a smooth mustache stood beside him, intently studying the boy.

"Yes, thanks. You are…?"

"Doctor Ernest Anderson," the strange man replied, lifting his hand up for a handshake. "I must say your boy has quite a gift. A gift that could go to waste if not trained properly…"

Richard frowned as he studied Dr. Anderson. He was dressed in the usual white coat of a doctor and even had the stethoscope hanging awkwardly around his neck. Despite his normal appearance, the man had a strange air about him. A mystical and arcane air that seemed to announce him of higher superiority to a normal human. In fact, a higher superiority to any human.

"Thank you," he replied uncertainly.

"Have you given him a name?" Dr. Anderson asked, watching the boy.

"Yes," Richard replied slowly, unsure whether to divulge the name of his son to a stranger. The man had an air of nobility, and something shimmered about him, giving him a sense that the man had a hidden strength that far surpassed anyone he had ever met.

"And that would be…?" Dr. Anderson pressed.

"Daniel," Richard replied. He and Regina had decided on his name a few months ago. Daniel was a good name to give their child.

The dark-haired man smiled. "Daniel," he mused, stroking his black mustache. "That suits him really well."

"Sure…" Richard muttered, wondering about the man's hidden agenda. He seemed to be hiding something.

"Well, Mr. Kiel, I'm sure you know your son has a unique ability, like I mentioned earlier," Dr. Anderson remarked offhandedly.

He's finally getting to the point, Richard realized. And how does he know my name? I've never met him before. "Sure," he agreed. "And that would be…?"

Dr. Anderson sighed. "I'm not sure how to put it across to you," he said slowly. "But your son definitely has far greater potential than either you or I realize. I would like to train him, staring from a young age. As soon as he can walk, preferably."

"What kind of potential?" Richard asked carefully. "Are you trying to…?"

"No, I do not wish to cheat you of anything," Dr. Anderson interrupted. "I would, however, like your boy to realize his full potential. He has a remarkable ability, and it is my wish to train him to use them properly. If it falls into the wrong hands…"

"How much will it cost?" Richard looked a little worried. He didn't earn much as a salesperson, and Regina was planning on staying home to take care of their son and house. They couldn't afford to send their son to some top high-level school.

"Not a single cent, Mr. Kiel. Not one single cent." This time, Richard didn't wonder how Dr. Anderson knew his name or his son's "abilities".

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said sharply, glaring at Dr. Anderson. "If he's gifted, then the government would have stepped in to take him into specialized training. Anyway, it's too early to tell what kind of talents my boy has."

"It's never too early," Dr. Anderson countered. "Some things are sensed instead of seen. Your son has an amazing gift, one that would bring much death and destruction if fallen into the wrong hands. I could sense his power from a mile away, and mark my words, others will be coming for him, either to kill him or recruit him. You've no idea what the impact of your son's gifts has on him. And I'm very certain that you don't even know what your son is capable of."

With that, he raised his hand and a small flicker of green flame burst from his palm.

The doctor had already left Daniel alone to tend to other babies, but Daniel was by no means occupied by sleep or any of the other babies. Turning his head, he saw Dr. Anderson's strange arcane flame flickering in his palm. Chuckling like a baby, Daniel raised his own hand and a mystical small black flame materialized in his tiny hand.

"My Lord…" Richard staggered back, stupefied.

"It is as I suspected," Dr. Anderson remarked, almost curiously. "Your son has a talent for supernatural and mystical powers of the arcane. I would, of course, like to coach him and under my tutelage, perhaps help him realize his potential. I am confident that Claire and I will be able to teach him how to control and use his abilities."


"My wife," Dr. Anderson replied. "Well, then, I must be off. We'll be in contact again soon. Real soon," he chuckled. "Sooner than you might think."

As the mysterious doctor turned around to leave, he caught a glimpse of the young child. He was gurgling happily, unaware of the amazing hidden potential hidden in him. Dr. Anderson smiled to himself. Perhaps this boy would change the entire world with his powers so much so that the balance of good and evil would be shifted. He wondered which side in this intergalactic war between good and evil Daniel would take. With the proper training and upbringing he would fight for good, of course, but given his inner nature he might be consumed by darkness.

Well, he mused to himself. No point speculating about it. Only time will tell.

After all, he had plenty of time.

Eight years ago…

Kelvin Ross sat in his father's car, watching the trees fly by his window. Behaving like any seven-year-old did, the little kid pressed his face hungrily against the windows, drinking in the scenery and gaping curiously at drivers of other cars.

"Kelvin, get away from the window," the pretty Chinese woman in the passenger seat instructed firmly. "I don't want you falling out if you accidentally hit the switch."

"Yes, mom," Kelvin replied and obediently sat back in his chair. He had the restless energy of a seven-year-old, but of course, being the same age he would act like them. Unfortunately, his mom didn't approve of his overactive behavior.

"Well, son," the red-haired man driving the car grinned. "Worry no longer. We're almost there!"

"Where, dad?" Kelvin asked. Mr. Ross just turned his head back and winked. "We're going to the funfair down at the park, remember? I told you that we'll ride the roller coaster and everything; stuff ourselves with pink, fluffy cotton candy and everything."

"Right, dad," Kelvin agreed. "You sure did." In his young mind, he could already feel the exhilaration of the roller coaster ride and taste the sweet, heavenly taste of the cotton candy. He dreamed of all the rides he would take when he got, the games he would play and the candy he could stuff his mouth with. It had been so long since his last time to a funfair, over a year, in fact, and he couldn't wait to return. The last memory of joy and enjoyment at the funfair had firmly entrenched itself in his inexperienced and innocent mind.

"Alright, we're there!" Mr. Ross exclaimed as he pulled his car over and parked it smoothly into a parking lot. Kelvin cheered happily.

"Keep it down, Kelvin," Mrs. Ross hushed him. "Behave yourself. You're in public, remember?"

"Yes, mom," Kelvin submitted to her strict discipline. He bowed his head like his grandfather used to teach him.

"Oh, c'mon," Mr. Ross patted Kelvin's head. "This is the time to enjoy yourself! Lighten up, will ya, little buddy?"

Kelvin immediately perked up. Even Mrs. Ross had to smile. Kelvin's dad had the uncanny ability to make anyone smile.

"Race ya to the roller coaster!" Mr. Ross challenged, unlocking the door just as he pulled his car key out of his ignition.

"Ok!" Kelvin unbuckled his seatbelt and swung the door open. He eagerly hopped out of the car and slammed the door shut before taking off. He dashed across the road and reached the other side, where the entrance of the funfair lay.

"Alright, little buddy, you win!" truth to be told, Mr. Ross had to lock his car doors first before taking off. But now that he had lost, he took hold of his wife's hand and strolled across to the other side of the road.

"Hurry up already!" Kelvin called out enthusiastically. "I'm here!"

Mr. Ross chuckled and exchanged glances with his wife as they strolled across the road.


Kelvin watched in horror as he saw a speeding car mow down his parents. There wasn't even a screech of brakes, before or after, just a sickening thud and the sound of tires skidding on asphalt as the driver struggled to regain control of his vehicle after running over the two bodies.

Kelvin sprinted to his parents' bodies. They were twisted at impossible angles, and blood, so much blood, too much blood, was splashed everywhere. Kelvin didn't care that his parents' blood soaked his white shirt. He didn't care about anything anymore. He wanted to scream, to shriek, to howl, but some part of him that refused to relinquish control forced him to shout for help. Tears poured silently from his eyes as he cradled his mother's bleeding head, carefully.

His mother looked up at him, breathing faintly, her eyes still filled with confusion. She still couldn't make sense of what happened. Beside her, Kelvin's dad lay motionless, being the one nearer to the car, he had taken the full brunt of the force and now he had stopped breathing.

Kelvin had never seen a dead person before, and when his dad died, grief filled him to the brink. A pain wrenched his heart away from his chest, leaving a dark emptiness. His mom was leaving him as well, he could feel it.

But even as his mom slowly faded away, he saw things in his mind. Bright stars floated around the blank space of his head, shining light onto him. Curiously, Kelvin picked up the star closest to him.

Hidden memories, memories of what happened before he was born, and feelings of regret and immense pain filled him. He couldn't make sense of what happened, but as he saw images, one prominent person stood out in all of them. His mom and all her thoughts and feelings invaded his mind. Clusters of memories swirled around him as he read them one by one. With the directness mustered by only a child, Kelvin deduced that he was in his mother's mind.

But this newfound joy died away as quickly as the memory clusters, which exploded one by one. Desperately, Kelvin struggled to catch whatever was left of his mom before she vanished into oblivion, but as the last tiny spark remained, he grabbed it and held it close to him.

He held it close to him, afraid that it would leave him like all the other memory clusters. He didn't want his mom to be gone forever, and he tried to preserve this last impression of her life.

However, his futile efforts ended as the cluster exploded in his arms. The little star representing his mom vanished, leaving behind only darkness and empty space. Back in the physical world, his mom stopped breathing, and Mrs. Caixin Lee Ross died.

Tears streaming down his face, Kelvin let go of his mom's limp body. He was dimly aware that the driver that knocked down his parents had finally regained control of his stalled vehicle and was spinning his car around. He was speeding toward Kelvin, desperately trying to flee the scene before the police haul him in.

Kelvin could see the star speeding toward him now. The bright star flashed across the dark space of his mind, momentarily blinding him from all the other stars. Kelvin could read the driver's thoughts. He reeked of fear, rage and desperation. He wanted to desperately get out of her and flee the country. He knew the consequences of his actions, but he was too afraid to stay and face the music. In his panic, he hadn't seen Kelvin kneeling at his deceased parents' side.

Rage filled Kelvin. He wanted revenge. He wanted the bastard to pay for what he did to his parents. To suffer and die the same way his parents died. A red haze clouded his mind. A young mind without any conscience, a young mind that was naïve, innocent and pure, it was ironic that when rage and vengeance took over, it possessed him totally.

Just when the car reached within six feet of Kelvin, he stood up and faced the driver. The driver didn't even see him. He was too busily contemplating a plan to flee the country and authorities to see what was on the road.

That caused his undoing.

Kelvin glared at the driver with pure hatred blazing in his eyes. The entire car skidded to a stop several inches away from the seven-year-old, who merely stood there without any change in his expression, save for the tears rolling down his face. The shocked driver hit the accelerator a few times, trying to get his vehicle to start, but to no avail. The motor and engine was still running, the wheels were still rolling, but he was no longer covering any ground.

That was when he looked out of his window and spotted the little boy standing right below his bumper.

"Oh, shit," the driver cursed. Horror filled him when he realized that his car was levitating a few feet off the ground. The wheels were still spinning helplessly in the air, the motor was still running as it should, but he was suspended in midair. He stared at the carnage that lay behind the kid and realization hit him. He knew he killed a couple of people, but he never expected their son to be there.

"Fuck," he swore, shaking his head. "No, this can't be true. No… " Maybe he was crazy but he could swear that it was the kid who was lifting his car without even lifting a finger!

It looked like he messed with the wrong family.

His eyes widened with horror when he caught sight of the hatred blazing in the kids.

"Fuck!" he muttered. "I'm in really deep shit now…"

He screamed as the car suddenly rocked and was hurled across the road with tremendous force. The car was sent spinning head over end and it crashed against the hard concrete road with an impact that caved in the roof and smashed his head. The driver felt blood dripping from a gash, and a terrible headache struck his brain like a hammer.

Not good, he thought dizzily. Looks like I got a bad concussion. The windows had shattered and pierced his arms in several places. The car had landed upside down, and despite his seatbelt securing him, it was unable to prevent him from landing on his head. The wheels were still spinning and the engine still whining. The driver blinked and cursed when he saw petroleum leaking and dripping onto the roof of his car. The waft of petroleum entered his nostrils, forcing him to gag. Several drops of petroleum splashed onto his chest and face, and he struggled frantically to wipe away.

He gazed dizzily out of his windshield, only to see that the hood had been flung off from the impact. Pain struck him everywhere, from the tiny glass shards on his arms to bruises along his body. But none of the bruises or cuts could compare to the excruciating headache he had sustained from his concussion. Oh, boy, he groaned. Looks like I'm fucked up this time. He knew very well that a major concussion like this could very well mean permanent brain damage, provided he survived.

He blinked in horror when he felt several blazing shots of pain striking his body. Forcing his eyes open and squinting through blurred vision, he saw sparks flying from the engine. Horrified, he tried to shove himself away from the engine and shattered windshield, struggling to free himself from his seatbelt. Unfortunately, it seemed jammed.

How ironic, he thought sardonically. The thing that was supposed to save my life may end up killing me. Whether or not it was a mere unfortunate incidence, or that it was the kid who was causing his seatbelt to be jammed, the driver would never know.

Because the next moment, a spark leaped through the shattered glass of what remained of his windshield and hit the petroleum on his chest, igniting it. Several more sparks hit his hands and face, setting fire to the fuel there.

The driver screamed in excruciating agony as flames burned away his flesh and began to eat away at his muscles tissue and bones inside. He could smell the sickly sweet scent of roasted flesh – his flesh, and millions of pain receptors all over his body screamed at his brain, drowning out even his headache. He writhed and flailed desperately, trying to put out the fire on his body, but his burning arms accidentally brushed against the pool of petroleum that had accumulated on his car roof.

An inferno erupted, engulfing him and consuming whatever was left of the driver. The driver screamed as he felt his eyeballs actually melt away. His whole face, already blackened beyond recognition, actually melted off his charred bones.

This is hell, he thought. I'm being made to repay my sins.

Mercifully, the car exploded and ended his agony. Shattered glass and metal flew everywhere, showering some of the passing pedestrians. Enormous gouts of smoke filled the air, cloaking the black metal skeleton of the remains of the car. The inferno burned ferociously, generating a heat so intense it seared the flesh of anyone brave enough to come near.

All this while, Kelvin stood beside his parents' corpses and watched the destruction silently, a witness to the tribute of his destruction. He turned his attention back to his parents, falling to his knees out of grief.

Then he began to sob. He was still weeping even as the ambulance arrived and the paramedics pulled him away from his parents' bodies.