A simple wish, a long forgotten past

Why do these dreams call to me

When they are not mine own?

But if I had to live a life I choose

Would it be one of a peaceful life

Or where destiny constantly intervenes?

Would I be drawn to a realm of dragons

To love a prince of heroic stature

Living in a palace that overlooks the sea

Fighting off witches of the blackest hearts?

I know not if these stories belong only to books

Or if fantasy should someday be reality

Dispensing of the blurred faces in the crowd

Placing myself in a land of adventure

Make no mistake my loyal friends

Fate may call us all but once this time

And I intend to heed this sweet symphony

That resounds deep within my chained soul

If peril be this lifetime's name no resistance shall I claim

If this is a last farewell to soothe me over

I give it with such pleasured sorrow

That the stars weep in their skies with joy and pain

Bid me luck in my embraced fortune

For surely danger shall guard my path

Once I was a dreamer cast off in oblivion

Now I am an adventurer chasing dragons

And battling great goblin hordes to save a past

I can hardly recall in my whirlpool of memory