Bane; "Read between the lines, and find the story as you go along. It's vague… like everything's supposed to be. Enjoy."

Take me in your arms and tell me that you love me.

--See? Even you don't have the stomach for that.

Bring my lips to yours and kiss me 'till you're free.

--No, that's just fine; I'm too used to kissin' prat.


Leave the party with me, but bring the buzz along.

--Yeah; that's it! Just keep lookin' back!

Bring my hand to yours, and bask in warmth to warmth.

--But no; you're much to busy; now, is that a fact?!


And listen to the things I say;

--They'll only bring you pain.

For within them lies a new array,

--My own tears; acid rain.


And tell me of your wicked lies;

--Why I'm not good enough.

And tell me of your deep despise;

--'Cause you know I like it rough.