Midnight Blue

Emerald eyes followed waiting a long moment after the woman was out of sight to let out the heavy sigh he'd been holding in, and turned towards the two of them. Taking a step or two forward he leaned over and reached out to touch Kat's shoulder. She turned her face away and leaned back with a sob-ingested sound, "Are you okay?" She didn't respond just held the canine tighter, which in turn shifted his head and let a growl sound from the depths of its throat until the man took his hand away. "Jeez Fen, I get it." Stepping away again he leaned on an open section of the brick wall, digging into one of his deep pockets he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up. Waiting quietly until he finished it and looked back to Kat and Fen. Neither had moved from the position. Fen sat patiently and Kat's trembling had lessened but otherwise, little difference.

Returning to a pocket his hand pulled out a cell phone and he dialled. "Hey. Yeah, I know, I get it. I'm going to be even later, close up without me." He sighed, "I don't care if he's there just tell him to come by tomorrow morning or something. Something came up. No, it can't wait. Bye." Flipping it closed he pushed the device back into its pocket and pulled out another cigarette. Might as well catch up on today's nicotine intake.

Kat hadn't relinquished her grasp yet but she had rubbed her face into Fen's thick black mane. She just listened to the night sounds and the dog's breathing, finally she had very clearly overheard the man's conversation. At least his half of it. She dared to look up after a while, seeing the man about to pull out another with his lips. She had already smelt the first. "Y'know…" She hesitated, "… Smoking's bad for you."

"Heh." He pushed the half out stick back into the pack and replaced it in his pocket with a smirk on his lips newly instead. "Yeah it's a dirty habit." He stretched, "So is getting into street brawls with hookers."

She moaned and buried her face again, her words becoming muffled, "I didn't ask for that psycho whore to t-tou…" She hesitated again, "to bother me."

His face became somewhat grim again and he looked away. Fucking sickos. Glancing back he tried to change the subject, "Y'know." He mimicked, "You're pretty lucky there, Fenris actually seems to like you. For most people he'd bite off their hands for doing that."

She loosened grip and straightened her shoulders, looking down to the midnight eyes dog, almost as if in question. She found it hard to believe, but well he had seemed to growl at even his owner. Owner being a mistaken term, but she didn't know any better. She pulled a long sleeve over her fingers and rubbed vigorously at her eyes, they felt as sore as the rest of her face now, swollen from the crying and her cheek stinging from the scratches left there by the tacky jewellery the woman had been wearing. "Well…" She leaned forward and whispered in the dog's ear, "Then, thank you, Fenris."

Fenris pawed at her and she held his paw for a moment. The man pushed off the wall and stretched his shoulders. "C'mon kid, let's get you cleaned up."

She watched him walk to his motorcycle uncertainly and whispered once more to Fenris, "Can I trust him?"

Her response came in means of action. Fenris stood up and bit at her sleeve, pulling her forward. She responded by getting up, though surprised and with an aching back she was led over to the man. Fenris then let go and jumped back into his place in the side car, before turning around once and making himself comfy. Hazel green eyes then rose to meet with emerald ones as they looked back at her, a cloth and small bottle of vodka in his hands. She tensed and lifted her shoulders as he reached for her face, but she remained silent, only wincing to show the pain of the stinging as he cleaned her face, rubbing the cloth downwards over the scratches. Next the smudge on her jaw, rewetting and turning the cloth to a clean side before wiping at her lip.

A sound of pain came out for that and the stinging that was accompanied by a bad taste this time just made her think of it all again, that alone made tears start forming in her eyes once more.

"Oh, hey it's okay, kiddo. It's over now. Fen and I ain't going to let anything happen to you." He propped his hands on his knees as he tried to comfortably stay lower, "What's your name?"

She wiped at her eyes yet again and tried her best to answer, voice weak from the hopping motion she felt like her lungs were doing. "Kat… K-Katora."

"That sounds like a strong name. I'm Daemion." He said and promptly showed a small grin.

Kat lowered her gaze, looking at the cracks in the sidewalk, "I… I didn't mean to hurt her. I swear!" She blurted out and looked up at him with desperate eyes.

Not having expected it, Daemion had been taken off-guard by the comment, but his expression softened slightly and he nodded, "It's alright. Try not to worry about it now, kid… Katora, that is."

"Kat's fine…" Came her meek reply.

He nodded, "Kat it is then." He said, tipping up his hat slightly, "I got to go back to the shop to make sure my friend's not messing anything up, but then why don't I take you home?"

She tried to not make eye contact anymore, looking at his shoes instead. The night had been terrible so far, was it smarter for her not just to take a taxi? Do you money have money for a taxi? Maybe… She checked her jean pockets quickly, "Uh…" Of course not, stupid. "I guess… okay. You promised you wouldn't hurt me, right?"

"On my honour, even on my baby." His tone was somewhat light-hearted as he patted the gleaming surface of his black and silver motorcycle. That didn't comfort her exactly, what did honour count for? Some man's honour and his older but polished vehicle that only tallied to something intangible and a bunch of metal, electrical, leather and rubber. It was better than walking home at least or having to go and wait by that bus stop again… in straight view of that alley and that woman was who knows where. She couldn't do that… she looked over to the motorcycle and Fen. She trusted the dog; he seemed to trust the man, this Daemion character.

Looking back up with her polluted eyes, she gave him a nod, "Alright."

He grinned to her in a reserved manner and walked around the front of his machine and got on, "Hop in, Fen will shove over for you, there should be enough room."

She nodded again then looked to the side seat awkwardly, trying to get in, in a manner that seemed appropriate, but she found herself almost tumbling on top of Fenris. He didn't seem pleased with that and grudgingly moved about. Kat found the whole ordeal of it uncomfortable and the scratched on her stomach stung to remind her head of them. Fen shifted some more as she finally settled in and lay across her lap afterward cause Kat to grimace somewhat. Daemion got a good chuckle from it, but she only heard it briefly before the engine started up again. Kat found the ride not as smooth as she had hoped for, but never having been on a motorcycle before she found the speed more frightening than anything else. One hand gripped her hat so it wouldn't pull off and her other curved around Fe's warm pelt, hunching down so she'd be closer to him. Feeling rather inwardly embarrassed that she was more frightened than the dog was. Glancing up briefly she saw Daemion driving with one hand, his other reached into his heavy coat's pocket and pulled out a pair of lightly tinted glasses. Pulling open the arms with his teeth before he put them on. Both hands on the grips after still didn't comfort her.

I don't want to die or anything, please. Came her unaddressed thoughts and she closed her eyes, holding her face into Fen's fur the best she could. The ride felt long, longer than it actually was most likely, but Kat didn't raise her head when the bike slowed to a stop for something that seemed too long to be a light. Only when Fen's sitting up happened to bump her face did she look up, "Kiddo, we're here, at shop."

Kat shook again, her body responding partly to the excitement, but mostly to the cold now. She had hid her hands in her long sleeves but it hadn't been quite enough to dispel the chill or the shivering. "Oh… okay." She didn't like it as her warm dog blanket got up and jumped out, leaving her once more fully exposed to the cold.

"Come wait inside, it shouldn't be too long."

Kat didn't respond with any vocal answer but her fumbling to get out was result enough. Afraid she might tumble out, he offered his hand, which she took after a moment of hesitation and got out with its assistance. They had pulled around back of a shop to what seemed to be a loading dock or garage. Keys jangled as Daemion's fingers found the right one and opened the door. Kat followed him in, holding the door open for Fenris and letting it click closed behind her, looking to the wide open space, cement flooring and bunches of gadgets and electronics, and even a vehicle up on a mount. There was an old couch along the one wall that Fen went over to and jumped up on. Kat took to following him and took a seat; Daemion glanced over before he headed to the front through an open doorway. That was the shop, this was the work area and upstairs was Daemion's 'apartment'. All places she'd get to know pretty well eventually. Kat could hear voices from the shop front, she tried not to eavesdrop, feeling awkward enough already.

Daemion took his time though, his partner still there and apparently rather annoyed with him.

"Took you long enough!"

"I told you, I had something pop up." Daemion said offhandedly, his calm-ness only fuelling his partner's anger.

"What the fuck are we going to do if this shit falls though!? He's a very important client and a fucking rich S.O.B. too!"

Daemion raised a finger to his lips, "Shh… watch your language, and we have company." He said and glanced through the doorway.

The young-old blonde's eyes followed and fell on Kat, brown eyes narrowing slightly. He was a young man probably around his older twenties, maybe early thirties. It was hard to tell, but noticeably older if nothing else perhaps only by the way he stressed gave him that extra air, as though he had dealt with too much for his age to be true. He spoke in a quieter voice, but not exactly calmer, "What's with the kid? Is that what popped up!? If we lose the deal, cause of some boy, Daemion."

"A girl, actually and calm down. We're not going to lose the deal; I'll speak with them tomorrow."

"You'd better! And no more stopping to swing or some shit at the playground. Get her out of here."



"She was assaulted by some woman… molested even."

The other man's anger disappeared and he sighed, pushing back his bangs from his face, "Is she alright?"

"She should be."

"Good. I'm getting the hell out of this dump now, make sure you call them."

"I will."

He glanced back through the door for a moment and pulled on his coat before giving Daemion a slap on the back and heading out, pulling closed the door to make sure it locked before he walked out of sight.

Daemion organized some things before heading into the back area once more. Finding Kat had curled herself up on the ratty couch and fallen asleep. Fenris' pale pools of deep knowledge gazed upon her intently, watching with no decipherable reason, as she clutched the pillow by her head. Moving over to the area he reached over to shake her shoulder, but a low rumbling sound stayed his hand's movement. Emerald eyes glanced over questionably to find bared white teeth and unquestionable eyes. "Fen, I need to take her home." The growl grew louder. "Don't pull this crap now, I mean it." His hand moved again, finding to his surprise that the black dog actually rose up to his feet in threat and stepped forward.

Daemion brought his hand back to his side and stood up straight. Sure he could grab Kat and run for the door, a one in ten chance he'd make it without a bite to the ankle, but then he might as well not come back for a week, cause then there'd be no living with Fen. The dog was impossible when he got like that, but normally he wasn't this bad, he was acting odd, had been since they found Kat. Though it didn't surprise him Fen wanted to protect Kat, he had been rather inwardly shocked he had let the girl touch him. The only reason he was abiding by Fen's wordless orders was from the look in his eyes. Daemion had seen dogs, a bobcat and even a small bear stare into those eyes and decide to flee instead of fight. There had to be some hint there, that maybe he should abide by that principle.

He took off his jacket vest and tossed it down on the shag carpet that was below the couch and small lounge area, loose on the floor having been laid down a long time ago and just dragged around since then. Sitting down on a nearby mismatching armchair, he pulled out a cigarette and watch Fen as he watched Kat. "You can't stay up all night, you know."

The dog's eyes narrowed slightly and he glanced over with a look that in itself said, 'Oh please, neither can you.'

Daemion snorted and lit up his cigarette as Fenris looked back to Kat. Just watching again, Daemion took to examining the trail of smoke as it rose up and dispersed. It was like silk rising in the air before it was nothingness floating up to the high ceiling. He then looked back to Fen; the dog was still watching, eyes fixed and a look as though he was trying to figure out the mysteries of the universe, as much of an expression like that, that a dog can have. Something told Daemion, that he wasn't going to let up soon either. He soon found himself gazing at Kat as well, glad the kid was asleep, else she may be entirely freaked out by Fen… or even the both of them. He was staring too now, after all. Still it was Fen's fault, what was it about this girl that made him act this way? Normally with people he'd just growl and go to a corner, especially with children, he'd even nip at them to discourage there persistent nature. He never tried to understand or get to know anyone. He was a real loner, and yet here they were.

After three cigarettes Daemion had hit a personal limit for the night, he had to stop, since clearly no one else was going to make him do so. By getting up, he warranted a small glance from the dog. Taking a step forward and asking, "Are you done yet?" Apparently warranted an angry gaze and lifted lips. "You're a real jerk, you know that? The girl's parents are probably worried sick about her and here you are being an ass by not letting me take her home!"

Fen just growled again.