Red, Dead Butterflies

I watched a man die today
I simply couldn't break away.
In my head this deadly story
Replays in its crimson glory.
Every hour I see that fray
Stealing someone's life away.

Red dead butterflies
I cannot avert my eyes
The sight it simply petrifies
The thought it simply stupefies.
How I could I ignore the cries?
The sound will always terrorize.
All I see are bleeding skies
And red, dead butterflies.

I dreamt an awful dream last night
A world without a single light
And within eternal night
None were left to fight the fight
It wasn't good, it wasn't right
But I'm dreaming all the same tonight.

Dead red butterflies
I wonder what they symbolize?
Here they float before my eyes
Like autumn leaves in disguise.
I wish they'd stop it with these lies
Someday it will traumatize.
Instead they simply dramatize
These dead red butterflies.