In Natures Arms

As far as the eye can see,

Constant turquoise.

As far as one can swim,

'Tis water.

Such a large lake!

Why is it not named a sea?

Quiet and cloudy.

A misty rain,

Falls about ones shoulders,

Droplets bonding with one another,

And running down one's arms.

And yet it is not cold.

The water may be gray,

Reflecting the dull sky.

But it still contains the warmth,

That has gathered from the mornings sun.

Sea gulls argue amongst themselves,

Flying overhead.

And to either side be trees,

Healthy and green,

Bursting with life.

The mist turns to steady drizzle,

Playing on the surface of the lake,

Like a constantly beaten drum.

The song it plays is soft and sweet.

And though it may be dreary,

The sun hiding behind the clouds.

And though it may be chill to some,

I am warm,

Draped in the liquid blanket,

Coming from the sky.

And though it is quiet,

And slightly eerie,

I find comfort,

Safe within natures arms.