I am an ancient oak

I am the morning leaves

Knotty, weathered bark

Fresh, dewy green

I am vast

Blue above the trees

I am asleep, then awakened

In the middle of the sea

I am a child's eye

And then a lover's look

I am a lock of hair

Tucked inside a dusty book

I am the clock that drives

My hands at an unfortunate pace

Are hands with a purpose

Are hands that create

I am the silver pool that holds your face

Within it's truth

I keep you humble, honest

I give you proof

I am his lips, his tongue

That softly, harshly lashes

I am that

With which he often clashes

I am tired, I am strong

I am strange and old

I am lovely and exciting

And I will always grow

I am everywhere

Your kind young heart that beats

In it's lively time

That is me

I am beauty, I am love

I am happiness and strife

I am fortune, nature, time, and light

I am life.