Glossary of Terms

and other such nonsense

The Glossary abides by the following pattern:

1) The person, place or thing

2) The pronunciation of said p. p. or t. phonetically, (aka in sound-alikes) broken into syllables

3) A definition/significance/explanation of said p. p. or t.
in REGULAR type






Scelto- sel•toe- One of the Sister-Races. They have the knowledge of the earth, of power, physical, and tangible things. Very reclusive, live alone, depending somewhat on the Faithful. Because they are so seldom seen many people debate their existance.

The Faithful- as it sounds- Followers of the Scelto. Devout believers who are completely devoted to the Scelto and therefore live with them in seclusion.

Bliss- as it sounds- Heaven.

Stælth- Stay•el•th­- A wolf. Teague's Woodswoam companion.

Roger- as it sounds- Teague's army director

Marcus- as it sounds- Roger's second in command

Bede- bead- Teague's housekeeper. She is also the director of Laileron's spy network. Was Teague's parent's spy-keeper as well.

Teague Braleri- Tea•g Brah-ler-eye- Protagonist, main character. Full title: the Lady Teague Braleri, the Marquess of Laileron. Marquess of the second most influential realm in Fierglade. Very close friends call her by her given name. Other Royals call her Lady Laileron, or Lady Braleri. The child of the prophecy of the Scelto. Daughter of Merilyn, the Wise One of the Scelto

Rör va Chrå- Roar va Kra- Teague's betrothed. The Fledgling to her realm. Was adopted as Feldgling by Teague's father. Also the son of the slain monarch of Caendlyn. An unknown Majï and Itinerex. The brother of Almeireg. The antagonist.

Eanthe-An•thee- She covers asTeague's handmaid, but is also her protector. Meant to guide her through the spiritual, which as a Woodswoam Teague is unaware of.

Crosio-Crow•zee•oh- Teague's horse

Rian Kayeth-Ree•ann Kay•eth- Full title: her Grace , the Lady Rian Kayeth, the Duchess of Inver. Very close friends call her by her given name. Otherwise she is Lady Kayeth or Lady Inver. Teague's childhood friend and heart-kin. Married to Greogir, the Duke of Inver, the first most influential realm of Fierglade. Very smart and a Majï as well although very few people know it. One of two members of the Veiled Advisory Council. And a retired ambassador for Fierglade

Dorian Heiyts- as it sounds Hi•ets- Full title: his Royal Highness, Prince Dorian Heiyts of Dierdregh, the crown prince of Fierglade. Known to close friends by his given name, otherwise as your highness, or Prince Heiyts by the ambassadors. Once one of Teague's very close friend and lover as well as her heart kin and Link. Has the rare talent of soul-sight.

Almeireg va Chrå- All•me•reg vah kra- Full title: the Lady Almeireg va Chrå, the Empress of Caendlyn. Rör's sister, the daughter of the slain monarch of Caendlyn. Also the antagonist. Trying to re-start the Campaigns. Wishes to take revenge on Fierglade as well as Milaïl and Barbaria.

Greogir Kayeth- Grey•oh•(soft 'g' sound) gir kay•eth- Full title: his Grace, the Lord Greogir Kayeth, the Duke of Inver. Called 'Gir by his close friends, otherwise, Lord Kayeth, or Lord Inver. Dorian's half brother through a current marriage. Teague's close friend and heart-kin. One of two members of the Veiled Advisory Council. Army commander, second in command only to Dorian. Advisor in times of war. Close friend of Dorian.

Worshippers of the Scelto- as it sounds- groups who worship the Scelto and spread the Faith, but not as devoutly as the Faithful. Their purpose is to spread the teachings of the Scelto, not serve them.

Pirates-Pee•rats- The other Sister-Race. They have the knowledge of the spiritual, of the intangible, the power of self. They are widely believed not to exist at all. They can take human form but choose not to, letting the world believe that Pirates and Bandits are one in the same.

Gevjats- as it sounds (soft 'g' sound)- The rogues of the Sister-Races. They founded the Woodswoams and the Majï to keep balance in the world when the rift began between the sister-races. They seek out and train new ones. They are long-lived and mixed descendants of the Sister-Races, mixed-bloods

Bandits- as it sounds- a reclusive race with excellent deep sea delicacies and rareties. They flow through the port towns with no pattern, yet they are well received. They live in the East-Isles, which are surrounded by the most treacherous waters which they sail often.

Merilyn- as it sounds-Advisor to Teague's parents. Is in actuality Teague's birth mother. The Wise One of the Scelto, the only survivor of the last battle. The creator of the prophecy, and the leader of the scelto.

Captain Trank- as it sounds- The Pirate in human form who leads Teague and Dorian to the Pirate Lair in the Isles.

Travellers- as it sounds-A green skinned people, squat and round who come from the hills in the South-East. They travel the known world and trade goods and information.

Su-oth- as it sounds- The Agèd of the Pirates. Their leader. Genderless and the one who reveals Teague's mission and destiny.

the Mãedre- May•e•drah- The Bearer, soil, light. One of the three Earth Forces. Blessed Teague before birth. Sometimes takes human form.

the Vadrëi- Vah•drey-The Protector, the wind currents. One of the three Earth Forces. Blessed Teague before birth. Very rarely takes human form.

the Frãeto-Frey•eh•toe-The Giver, bodies of water, rain. One of the three Earth Forces. Blessed Teague before birth. Quite often takes human form.

Kwaaeid- Kwa•eed- The Trickster, the Taker, the Troublemaker. The patron of Caendlyn since the rift. Creates chaos and spreads ignorance, indifference, carelessness, which is what evil is made of.

Count de Montesse-Mon•tess-a lesser noble who contents himself with groping the women at court. Minor character.





Fierglade- fear•glade- The kingdom. At the very south of the continent.

Laileron- lay-ler-on- Teague's realm. One of the borderlands through which the most travellers pass. Borders both Milaïl and Caendlyn. Passed on through the female line

Lailera- lay•ler•ah- The capital city of Laileron. Teague's birth city, and the site of her home.

Dierdregh-dear-dreg- The King and Queen of Fierglade's family realm. The site of the Royal Palace and the High Court.

Dierdeall- dear•dee•all- The capital city of Dierdregh. Built around the High Court and Royal Palace.

Borderlands- as it sounds- All lands that border Fierglade. (Barbaria, Caendlyn and Milaïl)

The Isles- as it sounds- Rumored home of the Pirates. Inhabited by short, stocky people, professionals at any kind of water craft. Boat-builders.

Yocave- yo•cah•v- The vally realm past the Salvo Mountains. The home-site of the Scelto. No one ventures there, it is a perilous journey for those who don't know the way. Everyone ever rumored to have gone has not come back. Only the Scelto know the way and they are gone.

Caendlyn- kay•en•dlin- One of the Borderland Realms. Almeireg and Rör's realm. The realm which embraced Kwaaeid after the rift and unbalance in the world/

Inver- eye-n•ver- Greogir and Rian's realm. Is surrounded by mountains on North and East, water on West, and Dierdregh to South-East.

Norwhilleg- nor•vill-g- Central realm in Fierglade. Rolling terrain, mostly farmland.

East-Isles- as it sounds- The home of the Bandits.

Salvo Mountains- as it sounds- The mountain range separating Yocave from Fierglade.

Banditéy- ban•dee•tey- One of the more important port cities.

Milaïl- me•l-ail- One of the Borderland Realms. Rocky terrain, puts forward many with ability to learn the power of the Woodswoams. Fair-skinned, simple people who find pleasure and wealth in the simple things.

Barbaria- as it sounds- One of the Borderland Realms. Puts forward many with the ability to learn the power of the Majï. Dark-skinned, intelligent people, who seek knowledge and are innovative inventors.





Fledgling- as it sounds- young men or women trained to stand in the stead of an absent monarch. Stewards

Court-Royals- as it sounds- Royals who spend the majority of their time at court. Working for the King and Queen.

Court-Feature- as it sounds- Pretty people who don't serve much purpose other than to fawn on the Court-Royals and Figures and look nice. Eye-candy.

Court-Figure- as it sounds- Visiting monarchs, ambassadors, anyone of status who is not from Fierglade.

Summons- as it sounds- The invitation to appear in Dierdeall at the High Court. Basically an order unless there is a good reason. Usually for a reason related to a ruling, or because you were wanted by the Royal family. Most people go to the High Court of their own free will and Summons' are only for tradition.

Capitals- as it sounds- Capital cities. Where the most news is, usually where the leaders of the realms live.

The Campaigns- as it sounds- The wars against the borderlands, most specifically Caendlyn, during the rift, when the Scelto were fighting against Kwaaeid.

Woodswoams- as it sounds- The humans taught by the Gevjats about the earth, physical and tangible things. Mortal counterparts to the Scelto, not nearly as strong. They are separate from the earth, coming from it whereas the Scelto are a part of it. Need a strong mind and stong opinion of self. They are one half, meant to keep a precarious balance until the Sister-Races are healed.

Woodswoam Companion- as it sounds- Usually mammals. Act as ambassadors to the animal realm. Keep the peace and act as a symbol of peace between the cognisant beings of earth. Give a much more primitive connection the the earth.

Veiled Advisory Council- as it sounds- Created by Dorian, Greogir and Rian. The advisory council to the Prince, veiled to keep identies unknown, therefore allowing incriminating evidence to be shared in front of the court.

Majick- as it sounds- The powers in the world which can be manipulated or influenced by Woodswoams and Majï.

the Faith- as it sounds- the teachings of the Scelto

Life-Spirit- as it sounds- The soul. Also shortened to Life. Personal essence. Essential to living a whole life.

Majï- mahg•eye- The human counterparts of the Pirates. Taught by the Gevjats about the spiritual, the self. Not nearly as strong as Pirates. They are separate from the earth, coming from it whereas the Pirates are part of it. They are the other half, meant to keep a precarious balance until the Sister-Races are healed and Kwaaeid under supervision once more. Need only a questioning mind.

heart-kin- as it sounds- A vow sworn between close friends. Binding them forever to one another as more than siblings. As sharers of the same heart. An intense love.

Itinerex- eye•tin•er•ex- A Majï who has the ability to fold time and distance. Travels over large areas very quickly, can transport people as well. It requires a lot of energy and at a great risk to the Majï. Damages the brain most times. That is why they lisp.

Sever- as it sounds- To sever a betrothal. One may Sever if they doubt their fiancé(é)'s fidelity or commitment.. The words "I release you, may the Faith bless you" must be witnessed by two people being said.

Joined- as it sounds- To become bethrothed. There are ceremonial words said before two witnesses.

Life-Stealer- as it sounds- The most horrendous spell. Done by a Majï, sucks the Life-Spirit from the body, leaving a living corpse behind. Only mind-killed people or evil people attempt for it is a thing so filthy.

notices of Assembly- as it sounds- notices sent to the army to Assemble at a certain place. Usually Dierdeall

Mustering- as it sounds- The summoning of the elements by a Woodswoam

The Hollow- as it sounds-The room where the Unwritten Histories are kept.

The Unwritten Histories- as it sounds- The histories of Fierglade which are not for mere humans to know. Histories which are deemed too important to be scribed by the hands of any. They are the Histories of the Immortal Realm, of Bliss, of elemental beings humans would not believe.

the Earth Forces- as it sounds- The forces of the earth. The Bearer, the Giver and the Protector. They work together to grow, nurture and protect everything on earth. Siblings to the Sister-Races.

sky-blossoms- as it sounds- A gentle flower which grow not up towards the sky but down towards the earth. Sprouting from the dead branches of trees, or rotted rooves and spreading out towards the ground.

Life-Spirit Link- as it sounds- also called Link. Soul-mates. The person who completes your Life-Spirit. You do not feel empty, if you have not yet found a Link, you only feel that much more complete when you meet them.

soul-sight- as it sounds- A rare gift. Rarely found in Majï or Woodswoams. Usually in unremarkable children, yet it is so rare and unpredictable it usually fades before adolescence.

spy-network- as it sounds- Collecters of intelligence





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