No More

No more lies

No more hate

No more trust

No more stupid-one-sided-debates!

I'm sick of this!

Sick of you!

Sick of all this lust!

I don't even know

What did I do?

I don't care anymore!

Please just let me die!

This way, at least,

I will no longer have to cry.

When I die,

You'll be happy...

That's the only reason I'm scared.

If I ruled the world,

No one would die.

I would make you all as miserable as I.

I would laugh at your cries,

and every request I would deny.

With my friend by my side,

We would watch as you burn in detest!

Try to read me like a book,

You left the pages blank of all hope.

No one can save me,

and It's all thanks to you.

I do not wish you death,

I wish you my rein,

Then we'll all see

if you live to smile,

Another day.

No More!