Mind Circus

Like a marionette,
played with another's hands,
caught by the strings of time.

Strung from the ceiling,
the strings become twisted and tangled with passing of age,
resembling the lost past.

Being controlled by an unknown force,
moved around with many strings attached,
one tied to each part of the body,
and the thickest hold on the heart.

From its inner desires,
it wishes to fly,
spread its wings and let loose its mind,
to become a bird and be where it wants to be.

He says, "it" as if it were an object,
a puppet to be played around with,
a marionette's strings.

Maybe it will someday be strung from a tree,
hoping rain will someday erode its strings away.

And as it falls,
the earth will swallow its broken soul,
and its mind,
a crazy circus.