A Lost Love

We always laughed we always smiled

Why don't you remember when u asked me why I cried?

I catch you looking at me

You smile, blush and look away

Debating if you should say

That you liked me

That you cared

But that didn't happen

When she was there

That week had to end

I waited until Monday when I could see you again

I couldn't sleep, and my friends said I was too obsessed

Finally the day came when I could see you

But you didn't notice me

You didn't look at me anymore

I used to believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder

But I guess that didn't work for you I wonder

You stared at her instead

I just wished that she was dead

I tried to smile at you from afar

But you just looked at her like she's the star

I decided that this was just a bad day

And waited for tomorrow when things will be the same

Apparently tomorrow wasn't any different

You just stared and talked with her with amazement

After that I didn't bother to look at you anymore

You didn't even notice that I was trying to ignore

The pain

The sadness

The thought that you didn't even try to explain

Now I just think about those days

When you smiled at me with your ways

I always wonder why you don't remember

The days when I told you my birthday was in December

You promised you would get me a gift

But now I think that promise would just drift

Why don't you miss those days anymore?

Can'tyou notice that you're worth fighting for?