Plethora of Honeybees

A peculiar, almost alien sighting

Has been discovered in my own backyard

The workers buzz back and forth

I find their colony in a dwarf apple tree

Most of the workers surround the Queen

Keeping her fed and warm

But knowing it would be selfish to keep them

And a danger to passersby

The etymologist is called

He comes with a manufactured hive

Dons his beekeeper uniform

And approaches the dwarf apple tree

With a few shakes of a limb

The ball of bees disappears

It seems to be like a walk in the park

But I know, he's an expert

The Queen was left behind

With a remnant of workers

But he came back for her

Someone else can enjoy these rare wonders

The avionic miracles of God

I miss them but see a few now and then

They come for nourishment from the flowers

Returning to the river from whence they came

I shall remember them, thankful to have them

Even if it was for a short while

I love and cherish them

For bringing so many the joy of honey.

June 3, 2006